SEMH Provision Staff

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Julie Cassiano


I am Mrs Cassiano, the Head Teacher of Vernon Terrace Primary School. I joined the team in January 2021. I became a teacher, sometime ago, as I want to inspire and motivate young people to achieve beyond what they believe they can.

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Alison Steele


My name is Mrs Steele. I’ve been working at Vernon Terrace for a very long time. I’m the school Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) and part of the Senior Leadership Team. I enjoy seeing all our children find their own unique way of learning. I love the seaside, chocolate and reading.The best thing about Vernon Terrace is we love children.


Chrystalla McGuire bitmoji

Chrystalla McGuire


Hi my name is Mrs McGuire and I lead Rainbow Room in the SEMH base. I have worked at Vernon Terrace for 14 years and have enjoyed every minute.

What I love most about my job is helping each child discover their own unique strengths and talents.

Emily Abrahams bitmoji

Emily Abrahams


Hello, my name is Miss Abrahams and I lead Star Zone in our SEMH base. I have worked at Vernon Terrace for over 5 years.

I work in Star Zone and Rainbow Room. I really enjoy working with all the children and love helping them to feel important and special. I am currently studying an MSc in Child Counselling. I am now able to practise and will use this skill in my work.

Samuel Robinson-Smith bitmoji

Samuel Robinson-Smith

SEMH Teacher / SLT / Headteacher Apprentice

My name is Mr Robinson, I work in the base for children with SEMH. I am a member of the senior leadership team whereby I am learning about Headship.

I have been with our VT family for nine years and have loved every minute of it.

Mrs Palmer-Trujillo bitmoji

Jessica Palmer-Trujillo

SEMH Practitioner and Family Support Worker


My name is Mrs Palmer. I am one of the SEMH practitioners based in the amazing Star Zone & Rainbow rooms.

As of September 2023, I will also be Vernon Terrace’s Family Support Worker, so pop in and have a chat.

I have worked with children and their families for 15+ years and my passion continues to support you all. By working together we can bring out the best that you can be and to be unique and confident individuals.

My hobbies are arts & crafts, travelling around the world, history and cooking.

Krissy Newman bitmoji

Krissy Newman

Teaching Assistant

My name is Krissy Newman. As of September 2023, I will be working with children in class and in the SEMH base. I have been at Vernon Terrace for 4 years. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children and supporting their needs.

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