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Jo Mackenzie bitmoji

Jo Mackenzie

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Mackenzie – I am a HLTA and work in Year 4. I joined VT last September. I have been working as a TA for 15 years and gained experience from Nursery up to Year 10 – Primary is definitely my preferred sector. I love helping children to reach their goals and make school a happy and safe place to learn.

Aswathi Rajkumar bitmoji

Aswathi Rajkumar

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Rajkumar. I love being with children and working with them. I have been with VT since 2016. It’s been a pleasure to work here.

Devibala Srinivasan bitmoji

Devibala Srinivasan

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Hi, I am Mrs Srini. This is my fifth year at Vernon Terrace. I love working with children and I am passionate about my job. I am looking forward to starting teacher training in 2023.

Debbie Spencer bitmoji

Debbie Spencer

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Mrs Spencer. I have worked at Vernon Terrace for 9 years. I am a teaching assistant in Year 1 and work with children who need extra support.

I really enjoy working at Vernon Terrace and especially love working in KS1. When asked, I also paint internal rooms.

Hannah Edwards bitmoji

Hannah Edwards

Teaching Assistant

My name is Hannah Edwards. I am a teaching assistant in EYFS and have been at VT since 2019. I love watching the children grow and learn everyday.

Katarzyna Andrzejczak bitmoji

Katarzyna Andrzejczak

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Andrzejczak. I have been a teaching assistant since 2014. I am very happy to be a part of the breakfast club and support children in the library. I am currently supporting children who have additional needs in Garden Room.

Katarzyna Blaszczyk bitmoji

Katarzyna Blaszczyk

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Blaszczyk, I’m a teaching assistant and class leader in EYFS. I have been with VT since 2020 and I have been teaching children for over 13 years.

I’m passionate about my students. They are the main reason I love going to school every day.

Lakshmi Ravikumar bitmoji

Lakshmi Ravikumar

Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs. Ravikumar . I have been working at Vernon Terrace Since 2015. Currently I am working in EYFS as a TA. I love working with children helping them to have fun learning new skills and at the same time learning along with them. I enjoy and I am proud of being the part of Vernon Terrace.

Lesley Buswell bitmoji

Lesley Buswell

Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs. Buswell and I am a teaching assistant at Vernon Terrace Primary School. I have worked with children/adolescents for over thirty years and still love helping children flourish, it is truly special and rewarding. I enjoy reading and being by the sea.

Miss Duddy portrait

Miss Duddy

Teaching Assistant

Hi, my name is Miss Duddy and I started at Vernon Terrace as a Teaching Assistant in January 2022.

I am very excited about having the opportunity to support the children and watch them grow and learn each day.

Miss Munnelly portrait

Miss Munnelly

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Munnelly, I joined the Vernon team in January 2022. My passion is to support all children, especially those with SEN & SEMH needs.

Every child is important and deserves the opportunity to shine and be the best version of themselves.

Diana Negrusa

Lunchtime Supervisor

My name is Diana. I work as a lunch time supervisor. I love working and supporting the children at lunch times.

Amberley Turnell bitmoji

Amberley Turnell

Pupil Administrator

My name is Mrs Turnell. I am the Pupil Administrator. Our happy office deals with all the administration needed to help in the smooth running of the school.

Liz Dabell bitmoji

Liz Dabell

School Receptionist

My name is Mrs Dabell and I am the School Receptionist. I started working at Vernon Terrace in January 2021 having previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in various primary schools. I love to greet everyone with a smile and help in any way I can.

Vicki Laird bitmoji

Vicki Laird

Administrator / Trainee SBM

Hello, I’m Ms Laird, an Administrator at Vernon Terrace Primary School. I work in the Admin Hub with Mrs Turnell and Mrs Dabell, where we perform all the administrative tasks the school needs to run on a day to day basis. As of 2022-2023, I am excited to be supporting the School Business Manager with her role and undertaking an SBM course.

Trevor Phillips bitmoji

Trevor Phillips

Site Supervisor

Hi. My name is Mr Phillips and I am the Site Supervisor at VTPS. My priority is the health, safety and security of all children and staff. The school ethos is fantastic and I love working here.

Carol bitmoji

Carol Phillips

Site Supervisor Assistant

Hello, my name is Carol and I have worked at Vernon Terrace for a number of years doing various jobs. This year, I am an assistant to the site manager. I love doing all I can to ensure the school is safe and ready for the children in the morning.

Rebecca Maton bitmoji

Rebecca Maton

Early Years Practitioner

My name is Becky and I am an early years practitioner. I work in EYFS and enjoy being creative to help children find their love of learning. I love animals. I have two cats and a rabbit.

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