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Dr Sarah Modi from Mosaic Psychology produced a blog following some work she completed with school.

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We have often commented how lucky we feel as parents to have found a school for our boys that has been so responsive and adaptive to their individual needs, and so supportive of us as parents. We feel very grateful that their needs are considered holistically, and that they are so happy to come to school and feel safe and confident.

As parents of a SEN child we felt this is all we could hope for, but I was so pleased to see the strategies in place that support are implemented for the whole classroom as this strikes me as incredibly inclusive and proactive. Meaning that our child (and others that need and use them) won’t feel singled out.

David and Katie J – Parents

From the moment we met with the staff from VTPS we felt for the first time some hope and relief and that this could be a place where he would be understood, as well as as a place he could belong… feel safe and be happy. We also felt this was a place that he could be nurtured and supported to achieve his potential emotionally, socially and academically. We were not disappointed.

VTPS has an embodied ethos of inclusivity… care and compassion for all the children … and a willingness and capacity to listen to parents concern without being defensive. Concerns are listened to and responded to with understanding and sensitivity to both the child and parental situation.

Mrs Jones – Parent

Children at Vernon Terrace school, with a wide variety of communication skills, strengths and needs, are consistently made to feel included, engaged and encouraged. Staff embrace communication systems (including communication books and Picture Exchange Communication System) and work hard to ensure that these are supported regularly during the school day.

Classroom staff at all levels are experts in the children that they work with – offering detailed insights into their achievements and any obstacles they might face within the school environment, including communication, environmental and sensory challenges, and working collaboratively with Speech and Language therapy to consider solutions and suggestions to problem-solve these.

Our Regular Speech and Language Therapist

Following the meeting today, I would like to commend you and your team of staff at school for the wonderful work you are doing with your new student. Although she has just been with you for 2 weeks, she has made remarkable progress already. I believe this is due to your approach to individuality and response to her needs.

I am pleased to say that the foster carer and I are highly impressed at the progress made since joining your school.

On behalf of N, the carer and the Local Authority, I would like to say a ‘big thank you’ and I look forward to a continued working-in-partnership with your school to achieve the best outcome for them.

A New Pupil's Social Worker

It’s always refreshing to have a chat with a school who really understand the needs of their vulnerable learners and are willing to go that extra mile to meet need in such a positive attachment-led way (and also to speak so positively about neurodiversity!)

Comment on Our Virtual School

We have always been impressed by the school’s inclusive attitude and ethos and willingness to do adapt the environment and create individualised learning opportunities for students where necessary. Staff are always keen to foster positive relationships with parents and value their opinions and views as well as supporting them when dealing with challenging behaviours and situations. School staff are always very welcoming and friendly towards us as visiting professionals too.

We look forward to continuing to work with the students and staff and Vernon Terrace Primary.

External Advisory Consultant in Autism Target Autism

I just wanted to share some real positives I am already feeling your school are offering. I am really impressed with how you have provided an environment straight away that allows her to explore her attachment relationships without pressure or a strong need to conform. If this were the case, they would struggle more and there would no doubt be more challenging and risky behaviours.

I also feel that as a school you have shown a real understanding around attachment and the need for nurture first. This is going to be so helpful to her in feeling safe and secure.

I also feel that you are being proactive and thoughtful in putting in place supports at tricky times such as lunchtime. It’s working in this pre-emptive and gentle way that will really help us avoid getting to points where behaviour becomes impactful on the rest of her peers.

Senior Social Worker

I used to be a head myself and, since retiring, I have been volunteering at Delapre Abbey and helping to deliver their schools’ offer. That is how I met your lovely year four class yesterday and I just wanted to let your know how impressed I was with their behaviour; they really were a credit to your school.

I was particularly impressed by M who showed really good manners, H who asked so many relevant questions, W who answered lots of questions, E for listening to the evidence and working out why King Henry lost the Battle of Northampton and M for his enthusiasm throughout the session. If you have a celebration assembly, would you mind passing my praise onto all the children please?

Staff Comment from a History Visit

Thank you for accommodating mine and Rachel’s visit to observe our Bikeability instructors today. We had such a lovely welcome from all your staff who were really friendly and helpful.

The children participating in Bikeability were fantastic and a real credit to your school. I hope they all enjoyed the training and are rightly proud of their achievements.

Thanks again for all your help with Bikeability and today’s visit.

Kieron McNab, Managing Director, Outspoken Training

The challenges you must face as a school are bigger than we can solve with a donation but the foundation of multi cultural inclusion, respect, enjoying education and kindness have enabled her to become the girl she is today and we are forever grateful.

Mr Robinson in particular just echoed all of your values and we are so grateful to you all.

In response to request to share feedback:

Of course you can! I’d be delighted to champion her experience! And the knock on effect its had on 2 working parents who worry about their only child… knowing she’s safe and thriving is all that mattered to us and you did that time and again.

The Austin-Riley Family