Rainbow Room – SEMH Star Zone

Base Information

In Rainbow Room we use a topic based, pupil-led curriculum which aims to engage every child in learning and achieving their full personal, social and academic potential. We are entering our 9th year and are proud of the progress made by our children both during and after their time here. Children attend every morning or afternoon in Rainbow Room spending break and lunchtimes with their whole class. They stay in Rainbow Room for a minimum of 4 terms and a maximum of 6. Reintegration is a carefully managed process between Mrs McGuire, Miss Abrahams, Mrs Cassiano, (Headteacher), Mrs Steele , (SENCO) and class teachers/staff from referring schools.

Appointments will be arranged with home to invite parents whose children have been selected to join Rainbow Room to come in and meet with Mrs McGuire and Miss Abrahams. This will provide time to ask any questions and gain more information about this wonderful opportunity to enhance engagement and achievement across the curriculum.

Parents are strongly encouraged to join us throughout the year and are welcome to take part in the fun, support their child’s learning or ask any questions/discuss issues with staff. Please remember to read with your child each day, school provide reading books but also ask them to notice and read different texts around the environment and home; magazines, road signs, recipes for example. Children can practice numeracy skills by weighing, handling money, telling the time and learning times tables. Gaining support in these basic skills every day will help enhance their progress at school. There are websites for revision of skills which children find interesting such as http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/ Please remember to talk to your child about keeping safe on the internet and to monitor their usage. The CEOP link on our school homepage is a source of excellent advice.

Please ask staff if you would like any further information about keeping your child safe online. This site will be updated with information, photographs and work so please check in regularly, we look forward to sharing our progress with you.

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