Vernon Terrace

Sports News!

Last Friday, our Year 5/6 football team took part in a football tournament held by Northampton Town Football Club at the Goals Soccer Centre. We had a great day out and had lots of fun competing against other schools from around Northamptonshire. In total, we played 4 matches (winning 2 and narrowly losing the other 2). Hopefully, later in the year there will be more chances to go off and play more football matches.

Friday 10/1/20

Today four Year 5 and 6 children (Andreea, Austeja, Rodrigo and Kacper) represented the school in a gymnastics competition at Benham Sports Centre. They had been training and preparing with a professional gymnastics coach before Christmas and this really showed when it came to competition time. The competition consisted of 3 events (body management, vault and floor routine). Although they performed brilliantly in all three, it was in the floor event where they really shone. Soon, some Year 3 children will also be going off to represent the school in a similar competition and hopefully our Year 5s and 6s will be able to pass on some advice to them prior to the day. 

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