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Sphinx Curriculum

Term 2 Topic


Inspired by our Book - Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo -The Sun sets on the battlefields of France and a solitary bugle sounds theLast Post.

This half term, we’ll start by visiting the Royal & Derngate Theatre to watch a performance of Private Peaceful to then be followed up with a workshop run by the theatre staff where we will look at the Wilfred Owen poem Dulce et decorum best and build trenches whilst listening to a soundtrack of a battle. What would they have felt and what can we learn about the First World War? Using inspiring illustrations, we’ll write diary entries from the perspectives of characters affected by the war. Our research skills will help us to find out which countries were the Central Powers, which were the Allied Powers and which were neutral. We’ll order significant events and decide who were the most influential figures of the First World War. After researching devastating battles, we’ll write short stories from the viewpoints of British soldiers. We’ll read wartime poetry and examine artwork to pick out evocative imagery and thought-provoking themes. We’ll also analyse wartime propaganda and reflect on the significance of poppies.

Help your child prepare for their project

This project will explore the emotive, fascinating subject of the First World War. Why not read a novel set during this period? You could also visit a local museum to research the impact of the First World War in your area. Alternatively, visit a churchyard to see if you can find any Commonwealth war graves.

What will you choose to do at home?

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