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Royal & Derngate

Maths Day


Last week. Friday: Last week year 6 and year 5 went to the Royal and Derngate to see the wonderful play that was performed for many school,since our new topic is Fallen Fields.We watched the single act of the book ‘Private Peaceful‘.

Last week. Wednesday: on wednesday afternoon the teachers set up lots of fun activities for the children and even the parents came.everybody first stayed at their own class for the first 15 minutes then sum year 5 children came to do sum activities in our class and sum year 6 children went to year 5.

This week. Thursday :today was maths day and this day was all about maths. In the afternoon we went to the hall and did some activities with shapes and making Rubix cubes. We also found different equivalent fractions.


Last week we went to the Royal and Derngate because our topic is all about fallen fields.We watched the performance at the theatre it was based on the book we are reading at school Private Peaceful.

Also we had maths day yesterday we had to go to other classes and do maths. There was an activity in the hall we had to do puzzles.There were five activity’s one of the puzzles that were difficult was the Rubix cube.The best maths activity was the card game with year five.

Our new science topic is the eye we did some information on the ipad into our books to learn the parts of the eye and remember where they are.Soon we will be making eye holders to see how it actually looks like looking through the eye.


Last week year six went to the Royal and Derngate to learn all about our topic Fallen Fields and see the performance of Private Peaceful.We also did some workshops after watching the performance.I really enjoyed the performance.

This week year six started their new topic in science all about the eyes.we learnt

About how can we see the light and we did some work on parts of the eye.

Yesterday we had maths day we had activities in the classes and we had a women come in to teach us about solving puzzles in the hall we also tried out some puzzles.Most of them were hard but we worked together.

In addition we had a TT-Rockstar competition and our class won.Hopefully we win the next week's competition as well.

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