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Week commencing 19/11/18

This weeks blog………

This week year 6 topic is about world war one!!!

On Monday we had to go to three way split because on the next day he was going to a meeting. We went to three way split with yr 5 there are three groups there was Miss Clark in the library there we had to do reading some questions about the lost guardians of Heligan next there was Mradeley in yr6 we did maths it was fractions and last it was Mrs Walker-Collins there it was topic we were doing writing about James Peaceful’s death.


On Monday we got into our three way spilt groups with yr5 and did topic,maths and reading. In topic we rewrote the death of James Peaceful’s death in pen. In reading we did reading comprehensions and at maths we did adding fractions.

(Maja P)

This Monday we went to three way split

First, we went to Miss Walker Collins to do some writing. Then, we went to Miss Clark to do reading comprehension. After playtime, we came back to class to do maths with Mr Madeley adding and subtracting fractions then lunchtime we did maths

we did fractions.


this week , year 6 were learning about active and passive voices. Later on in the day, we wrote about the countries involved in WW1 and the sides they fought in (triple entente and triple alliance.) after that was cleared we labeled, drew and coloured in the flags in the central powers and the allied powers. We also learnt Italy rejected their own side and joined the allies side. Mr Madeley gave us word problem sheets on fractions and we stuck it in our books. When it was a Tuesday afternoon, we learnt about Yemen and the crisis their in. After that lesson, we went inside the hall and had p.e with Miss Clarke. Today, we went to astro-turf and had p.e. There were two sessions: badminton with Miss Andrzeicak and Miss Wallidge and nfl with Mr Madeley. We carried on with our flags. Then I had to write this blog.


This week year 6 looked at what countries were involved in the world war 1(ww1).They also acted out all the things that soldiers did in the war for their spare time in PE.After that they learnt about all the war happening in Yemen a poor country in the Middle East and all the other countries fighting it.


This week we learned about using the active and passive voice in our sentences. We also done lots of work on fractions - we were learning about adding them. We were also learning about the countries that participated in WW1 & drew all of the flags of the countries. In PSHE, we learned about the civil war in Yemen, how people from other countries are supporting them and how this affects them. In PE we were doing drama about the things that happened in WW1.


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