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  • Create and write a description about your own mythical beast.
  • Learn a Greek Myth and come back to class and tell us the myth you have learnt.
  • What can you find out about Greece?

Tuesday 12th February

A great afternoon looking at the rock cycle and how rocks are formed using delicious starbursts. Have a look at the fun we had. We heated up the metamophic rock in the kitchen on the oven and watched it turn into magma to then cool down again.

Monday 11th February

A busy morning being rock detectives and describing the features of different rocks.

We looked at cool rocks with a magnifying glass - Olti.

My rock was white and it was smudging on my fingers. It was crunchy and breaking. It made my fingers white - Maja.

We tried to break the rocks to see if they were breakable - Liva.

My rock was sparkly and had crystals on it - Diana.

Monday 4th February

A busy start on a Monday morning learning our text for this half term 'Escape from Pompeii . We started by sequencing the story, learning it through actions and then by story mapping ready to write our own endings by the end of the week.

Thursday 31st January

We started off the day with a story in the reading shed. We stopped at the part when James and the Snowman were just about to land and then we had to write our own ending to the story.

In the afternoon we had fun making our own snowman puppets and then went onto sketching pictures that the illustrator used in the book.

Wednesday 30th January

We were playing in the foamy snow - Tasneem

My fingers became numb - Abdullahi

We were having fun playing in the fluffy white snow - Maja.

My hair was covered in the foamy snow - Anna

We all looked like snowmen - Liva

My hair was so wet it became spiky - Mohammod

The fluffy snow was tickling my nose - Nathan

Monday 28th January

A great start of the literacy festival full of excitement. Have a look at our photos of day one w hich involved painting scenes from the story of The Snowman ready to create a class comic strip, we started to decorate the school corridors retelling the story ready for the rest of the school to continue and then we finished the day with a brilliant visit from the well known author Julia Jarman who shared some of her fantastic stories with us.

Friday 14th December

A few pictures if you missed our Christmas performance

Thursday 13th December

This morning we have finished our literacy topic of writing non-chronological reports and we have started a short literacy topic based on the John Lewis advert of 'The Bear and the Hare'. We had to re tell the story using a story map and matching the captions to the pictures. We then worked in small groups to practice retelling using actions.

Friday 7th December

We have been working in partners doing division with numicon - Chloe.

We have had lots of fun doing maths - Anna.

We have loved doing division and dividing numbers into groups - Parth.

We were dividing by 3,4,5, and 6 - Oskar.

I really like doing division because it's hard and I like a challenge - Huw.

Have a look at our maths fun.

In Literacy we have been writing a non-chronological report about different animals. Maja.

When writing a report we need to use subheadings, titles, facts, pictures, captions and paragraphs - Jakub.

We have learnt how lions survive - Oskar.

We have learnt the 7 things that all living things need to survive - Liva.

Nutrition is when you have a good diet - Alina.

Excretion is getting rid of waste from the body - Liva.

Respiration is when you breathe - Abdullahi.

Sensitivity is when you you use your hands to touch, your eyes to see, smell, taste and hear - Mohammod.

Thursday 6th December

A message from everyone in the Phoenix class "Please, please. please come along and see us in the Christmas play as we are practicing so hard learning our songs and lines".

Wednesday 28th November

This morning we did multiplication - Abdullahi.

We played lots of maths games - Maja.

We had fun doing lots of challenges - Anna.

We had to look at a number and divide it into equal groups - Parth.

Tuesday 27th November

We made animals out of things we found in the forest - Liva

We went there to found animals - Parth.

We went to Overstone because our topic is about predators - Avantika.

We had a look around - Tasneem.

We got really muddy - Chloe.

Some of us had great fun jumping in the stream - Anna.

Tuesday 16th October 

A great morning kurling for PE this week. Great team spirit and very competitive.

Friday 12th October

A fun session in science.

We have been learning about our body - Mohammod.

Food goes through our intestines and stomach - Olti.

The coke is the acid that in our stomach - Anna.

The water was our saliva - Franklin.

We learnt how food goes to our stomach and through the intestines - Parth.

We had to squeeze the food through the tights and squeezed out all the nutrients - Liva.

Have a look at some of our pictures from today.

Thursday 11th October

We learnt that there are 27 bones in our hand - Anna.

If we didn't have a skeleton we would be a puddle of skin - Maja.

We had to draw around someone and put the skeleton pieces back together. - Kierah

Wednesday 26th September

Our wonderful day at Gallone's learning all about how ice cream is made. We got to make our own flavour and then enjoy a yummy sundae.

Friday 7th September

We have started the topic of place value today by looking at counting forwards and backwards in hundreds starting from different numbers.

Our first lesson in French was learning the song head, shoulders, knees and toes. Have a look at the videos of how well we did.

We have carried on our pop art theme and took our lesson outside for using the technique of printing. We will show you our finished work next week, but take a peek of the fun we had.

Thursday 6th September

Welcome back to a new year in year 3 where we have started our topic off by learning all about Pop Art. We have spent the first two days back at school starting a project using a variety of techniques to create our own Pop Art looking at the artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. If you do not know about Pop Art or fancy giving it a go yourself, on the curriculum page there is a document for you to have a look at.

To start the project off, we reminded ourselves on what onomatopoeia is. We came up with a class list of words that related to sounds and food and then practised using bubble writing. Once we had mastered the technique of bubble writing we created our first draft piece and then made alterations to make it even better, finishing it off using brightly coloured felt tip pens. Everyone was extremely proud of their first piece and can't wait to see it on display.

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