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Week beginning 26th November

First off, some important reminders. Tuesday 4th December is our Parental involvement afternoon. Parents are welcome to join Year 4 in their class to share their children's work and find out about some of the ways you can help at home with your children's learning.

Also, remember there is the rescheduled trip to The Roald Dahl museum on Thursday 6th December. We will be leaving school at 9am and planning to return by 3.45pm.

This week we have been finding out about the invention of the anaesthetic. Using the internet to research facts about James Simpson and we drew story maps and added actions to help us learn the important events. With this information we will write a fact file about this important event,

In numeracy, we continue our work on perimeter, we are now gaining confidence in not only measuring perimeters but also drawing perimeters to a specified length. We can even work out the perimeter of a shape when we don't have the measurements for each of the sides!

Week beginning 19th November

Another busy week. We have started preparing for our Christmas play. The children have been given their lines and are learning all the songs. The children are very excited to share what they are doing and would really appreciate your help learning their lines and song words.

We completed our spell work, basing the structure on the 'Witches Spell' from ''Macbeth'. They tried really hard on sorting out their rhyming couplets and choosing really effective vocabulary. They were of a really high standard and included lots of alliteration and even some similes!

In numeracy, we are doing a mini topic on 'perimeter'. We have started by using non-statutory measuring units and measuring objects around the school using all sorts of weird and wonderful things including: fairy steps, finger spaces, hand spans and even by rolling!

In PE we continued with our gymnastics and also started to improve our basketball skills!

Week beginning 12th November

In topic we have finished up our neat copies of the witches description. The children have produced brilliant pieces of work, including some very vivid descriptions and great vocabulary choices. Our next piece of writing will be inspired by the famous witches spell from 'Macbeth'. They have made a great start on choosing the items for their poem and have started work on finding rhymes.

In maths we have completed our work on addition and subtraction and will be moving onto multiplication and division. This week we have been concentrating on solving word problems involving real life situations. We have also been outside practicing our addition skills as part of a PE game.

We have also designed our own potion bottles and invented recipes to put in them. We have also made decorative mobiles to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid il fitr. In science the children have been getting their hands dirty, filtering solids and liquids and making predictions about what they might find!  

Week beginning 5th November

Disappointingly, we didnt make it to the Roald Dahl museum. Unfortunately, they had problems with staffing and were unable to accommodate us that day. They have though promised to reschedule us for  the first week in December, and I will send a letter home to give you the information you need.

In maths we have got really confident at using a formal method for our subtraction and addition and becoming increasingly accurate with ever increasing numbers!

We finished our warning posters for spotting a witch, and are now beginning to  write a description about a witch. We have made a super start, really trying hard to use powerful vocabulary and express our ideas effectively.The children have been continuing with their swimming lessons and at the astroturf they are honing their dodgeball and gymnastics.

Week beginning 29th October

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the half term holidays to begin our new topic called 'Potions' The children have brought home a leaflet that will explain to you all about the topic and what we have been up to. Including our trip to the Roald Dahl museum this Monday. We have started reading the book 'The Witches' and the children have been been finding out how to spot a witch and designing warning posters. We will also be mixing our own potions!

We started our swimming lessons and the children behaved brilliantly, trying really hard and listening well to the instructions.

In maths we are working on addition and subtraction, using problem solving games to consolidate what we know and push on with more formal methods to solve mathematical problems.

***Remember we are going to the Roald Dahl Museum on Monday 5th November. We are hoping to be back for 3.15pm but if traffic is busy we could be a few minutes late!***

13-19th October

A busy final week on our topic trying to complete all our work on the Romans. We finished our instruction writing on 'lighting a campfire' which were of a really high standard. In art we have completed our fabulous mosaic Roman vases and our Roman coins are ready to spray paint gold, silver or bronze.

Please remember the children start swimming on the first Wednesday back - October 31st. Remember the children need a swimming hat as well as a swimming costume. A letter will go out first day back explaining all.

Have a lovely holiday and get ready for your new topic!

4th -12th October

It has been assessment week this week and all the children tried really hard to complete their best work in reading, writing and numeracy. Well done!

The class have been finding out about a 'roman campfire' as we will be writing instructions on how to light a campfire. The class had the opportunity to light their own campfire. Mr Robinson-Smith showed us how to light a fire and the children helped out. We then cooked marshmallows and toast on the fire, not quite what the Romans ate, but we all enjoyed the treat.  The children also had the information they needed to write their instructions for writing their own set off instructions.

In maths we continue our work on counting, counting in 10's, 100's and 1000's not always staring from zero and counting forwards and backwards.

In art we continue to make our Roman coins and roman mosaics.  

28th September- 4th October

This week we have been concentrating on our big write up about life as a Roman soldier. The children have either written a diary entry or a letter to a loved one about their first day as a Roman soldier. They are looking fantastic and will make a super display for the classroom. In numeracy we have been counting in 10's, 100's and 1000's. We have been making numbers and partitioning them.

We have also been rehearsing and performing our Harvest festival poem. The children did a brilliant job, learning their lines, making up their own actions and producing some great art work to accompany the poem. A great performance!

20th- 27th September

We have been getting into the Roman way of life this week by baking our own Roman bread.The children had great fun with the sticky dough and making the loaves. As you can see from the picture they did a brilliant job. They even brought some home for you to taste!

In numeracy we have been all 'Roman' too! We have been learning Roman Numerals and doing calculations with them. It was great fun making the numbers out of lolly sticks!

In  music we have been learning  Roman marching songs, the children are getting brilliant at keeping up the rhythm of singing and marching at the same time . And tomorrow (Thursday) we have a visit from Northampton Museum who will be sharing some of their Roman artifacts with us.

13th - 19th September

We have been working hard again this week. In numeracy, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. we have been using dice games and pictures to generate conversations about numbers, the children are really growing in confidence. Even when they have found some of the questions tricky, they have persevered- well done!

In topic, we have been finding out more about Roman Soldiers, going out into the garden to find facts hidden amongst the trees. They have also been using the ipads to research the topic further. In art we have started to design our own Roman coins. our sketches will be transformed into 3D coins, ready to spray paint and hopefully look really authentic!

In PE we have had fun at the astoturf improving our hockey techniques and improving our team building skills with rounders and dodgeball. 

Just to remind that Year 4 need PE kits on Tuesday and Wednesday (Gardeners just on Wednesday)

Also three pounds is also needed for our visit from Northampton museum, who are bringing in some artefacts for the children to learn about.

6th to 12th September

It has been a brilliant week with Year 4. They have worked so hard, thrown themselves into their new topic on the Romans. They have completed fantastic title pages and started to research the daily life of a Roman soldier. On the 27 th September we will be visited by Northampton Museum who will be bringing in Roman artefacts and doing a workshop with the class. (there is a small change of three pounds for this) In maths we have been learning about place value, we have played lots of numeracy games as well as showing great reasoning through the work in their books. In PE we have been practicing our tennis skills and on a Wednesday afternoon the children get to work with a sports coach. From next week (WB 17 th September) year 4 will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Geography the children have been learning about Italy, and in French they have been designing a passport for themselves. In Art, we will start designing our own Roman coins and then make them out of clay – and hopefully turn them gold!

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