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The last term - week 1

It's the last term and we are finishing off our work on Robin Hood.  Last term we had a Robin Hood day in the forest - it was so much fun because we had tie-dyed our own woodland t-shirts in order to camouflage as well as the Merry Men.  We had made a herby vegetable stew and baked our own bread to take with us.

Once we got there we gathered wood for the fire - it had to be kept going all day as the flickering, roaring flames needed to cook our lunch.  We built dens so the Merry Men could hide from the Sheriff and they needed to give us space and shelter from bad weather.  We needn't have worried though because the sun shone all day.  . We had a knock out archery competition where the winner took the title of Robin Hood.  It ended up as a direct shoot-out between Robbie and Alexis. Finally Robbie hit the bulls-eye and took the title of Robin Hood, Alexis was Maid Marion and as Haider consistently won the stick fights across the log bridge, he took the title of Little John.  What a great day we had!  

Now we are back in school we are using our fun activities to help our writing - we are making leaflets about Sherwood Forest and we made up our own Robin Hood stories.  We are acting them out and are hoping to film them.

In the garden we are busily sowing and caring for our seeds - the potatoes are shooting up and our radishes are nearly ready for harvesting.  We now have to get the pumpkins, beetroot and courgettes going - lots of busy things to do!


   Friday 15th March

What a busy few weeks we have had! How shall I start? hmm maybe about Pancake day? Suprisingly the Gardeners went to Olney,which haWorld famous pancake race.Have you ever had pancakes?Do you like pancakes and what do you like on them? You could see the cute faces of the dertermand little children racing along as their faces are filled with joy. Whilst,watching the races everybody could see lots of people wearing aprons and cheff hats but the gardeners were luckily 

Friday 8th February 2019

This week  the Gardeners had a spectacular day at Overstone, which is a place where we work through out the day.On that wonderful day the Gardeners had to find co-ordinates it was so fun. Through out the week we have been making our own maps about Narnia,(which is our topic in!!!Mrs.Speechley,who is our favourite teacher,and who always will be showed the Gardeners how to sketch the White Witch from the story the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe(Narnia).The Gardeners love Mrs.Speechley so much!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 1st February 2019

One frosty morning ,the Gardeners made some fat cakes ,which didn't look very nice.DISGUSTING!!!Have you ever made them?If you were a bird do you think you would like them?A couple of days later we saved a black bird because there was no water or food for it so it came to our Garden to get some.Moving on hmmm how shall I Start maybe about what our topic is.It is about Narnia(the lion the witch and the wardrobe).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Friday 11th January 2019

What an exciting start to half term!  All of our work this term will have something connected to Winter in it.  To kick off the work and collect some good vocabulary we went on a winter camp - bbbbrrrrr!!!

On Tuesday the Gardeners had an exciting day camping at Overstone but Mrs Speechley didn't know

how to put up a tent so Nicole and Tenisha saved the day.

Everyone had fun and enjoyed their day.Some people read,while others made squishy bananas.

As well as having fun outside we have been writing winter diaries - it's like talking to your best friend when you write each day's entry so you need to be careful who you let read it!

Luckily,we ate delicious, sticky flapjacks as well as bananas with melted chocolate inside  that 

Mr Robinson smith  fried over the flickering fire.

Lastly, we went back to school.

Friday 23th November

On the 30th of October the Gardeners went on a trip to Overstone forest,to have a spooky Campfire. Once it got dark,

the fire started to get toasty and warm.  After a while the Gardeners got their coat on and were off in a flash to play a good game of torch tag.When the blackness of night had arrived, the Garden room rapidly rushed back to sit down in front of the campfire. A few

minutes later, all the tasty food had arrived,they couldn't believe there eyes!There were yummy hotdogs,sticky,golden flapjacks,delicous hot chocolate and much more. Everyone enjoyed the flapjacks mostly, but Queenie and Tenisha enjoyed everything.`"That was the best Halloween Campfire ever!!!!"


Every Wednesday we have started to learn some first aid skills.  The first day was all about hazards; we had to identify the hazards around a home.  Next, the Gardeners made a poster of the hazards and a few weeks later, we learnt all about burns and scalds and severe bleeding. Tenisha helped us but having a real life nose bleed so we could help her!!!!  We have practised wrapping bandages around each other.

Our stories have all been about Pumpkin Soup and the Squirrel, Cat and Duck.  We made some delicious soup of our own which tasted lovely - almost like a bowl of stew! It bubbled away like a volcano exploding which made quite a mess!!!

Soon we're going to write our own Pumpkin Soup story called Christmas in the Old White Cabin.  Watch this space!


Thursday 18th October

Over the last couple of weeks the Gardeners were really busy. We did a lots of things like:

bake apple crumble to sell at the harvest festival, also we made and ate apple tarts.

A few days later , in the frosty morning, we voted for our school council for Garden room .

The people to choose were: Maria,Nicole, Tenisha, Robbie and Siobhan. We all voted and then 

went to assembly to announce the school council winner out of Garden room. It was

Nicole and some other children from different classes. They are going to get a badge

in a few days.Our Overstone day was great -we made a story stick of what we did.

We enjoyed  leaf catching, also log balancing. After that we stuck leaves on our stick then we

saw some campers in their tents. At the end we all had a apple. Finally, the exiting

 bit was that Chloe saved a baby hedgehog  from getting run over.


Week 2 Monday 17th to Friday 21st September

This week we have had our first trip to Overstone. It was a beautiful day with a warm wind and sunshine. We went looking for signs of Autumn to make our Autumn wreath and to collect some good describing words for our poems.  Some of the writing has been fantastic - we'll try to post some of them on next week's blog.

We are starting to read some information books ready to write our own next week.  

Here are some of our photos from our Overstone trip.

Week 1 Monday 10th - Friday 14th September 2018

On the first day of Garden room we opened our presents and got books,gardening gloves,bookmarks,notebooks and many more.

We had a busy first week - we harvested potatoes and cooked them as well as visiting the allotment to plant two new raspberry bushes ready for some delicious fruit next summer.

I think it is going to be a fun-packed year of learning!

Click here to see what we have been up to!!

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