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Fairies Curriculum

Nursery Medium Term Planning

Autumn 1 (2018-19) (Thurs 6 th Sept - Fri 19 th Oct)

Overarching theme: “All about me”-“Rhyme times” (focus rhyme guided by chn’s interest & then becomes a focus for that weeks learning)

Week 1 (Thurs 6 th - Fri 7 th Sept) “Welcome back & Settling in”

Welcome back & resettling plus new chn starting. What did we do in the holidays? S&L & paintings for display. Chn’s interests… & post-it observations.

Week 2 (Mon 10 th - Fri 14 th Sept) “Settling in & assessments”

Settling in & behavioural expectations, post-it note and narrative observations & specific assessments EG: Can they recognise their name? Can they count? Can they recognise numbers/letters? Communication in English? Deadline for baseline on FriSet up to be guided by chn’s interest & specific observations that are needed. Paintings for display

Week 3 (Mon 17 th - Fri 21 st Sept) “All about me”

Planning to be guided by chn’s assessments & interests. Painting/drawing pictures of themselves & the things they like to do. Favourite colour paintings for colour display, Recognising/writing names for folders. Group time to incorporate: beating the syllables of our names, Phase 1 phonics activities, rhymes, music, name learning games.

Week 4 (Mon 24 th – Fri 28 th Sept) “Rhyme times begin”

Wk 1: PI Rhyme time & craft session “Twinkle Twinkle” every week Monday

Week 5 (Mon 1 st – Fri 5 th Oct) ”Harvest Festival”

Wk 2: PI Rhyme time & craft session with a harvest festival theme, Changing seasons, harvesting vegetables, seasonal cooking eg apple crumble,

Week 6 (Mon 8 th – Fri 12 th Oct)“Assessment week”

Wk 3: PI Rhyme time & craft session, Narrative & post-it note observations with specific focus on gathering evidence for gaps in evidence.

Week 7 (Mon 16 th – Fri 20 th Oct) “Literacy Festival” (assessments to be continued as necessary)

Wk 4: PI Story session “Titch”, Town Centre Library trip on Wed. Bike/buggy/scooter day on Wed, End of term party on Fri Deadline for assessments on Fri

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