Vernon Terrace

Sunshine Room Peer Group

Our provision for hearing impaired children offers regular peer group sessions every Tuesday afternoon. The sessions promote language development through social interaction with adults and peers.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important the peer group is to hearing impaired children. It gives them a sense of belonging, builds their confidence and establishes new friendships. As well as being a group where we are able to develop and support language development through fun engaging activities.

The peer group is a great opportunity for a child to meet with others who understand the issues and challenges they may be facing.

Our Total Communication Approach allows true inclusion, which Vernon Terrace is recognised for as it is one of our many strengths.

We strongly believe that hands on experience and a holistic approach contribute to the overall wellbeing of our children.

If you are interested in coming and joining us please contact the school on 01604 633 894

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