Vernon Terrace

DSP Sunshine Room

Sunshine Room is a provision for Hearing Impaired Children.


· At Vernon Terrace, we offer additional expert support to children who are hearing – impaired and have other associated needs. We offer support to up to eleven children aged between 3 and 11 years.

· We have had additional support for hearing – impaired children at the school for over 30 years and we have built up a vast amount of experience and knowledge to help us support hearing-impaired children.

· All staff throughout the school are used to working with hearing-impaired children and are very “deaf aware”.

· We have 3 members of staff (including a teacher of the deaf) who work throughout the school to support the hearing impaired – children.

· All children benefit from being part of a vibrant and caring mainstream primary school as well as additional specialist support, facilities and resources.

· Most areas of our school are carpeted and double glazed to help reduce noise and we have specially soundproofed teaching rooms specifically for use by hearing-impaired children.

· We offer up to date knowledge of relevant technologies including cochlear – implants, digital hearing – aids, FM. radio – aid systems and sound – field systems.

· We work closely with a wide range of agencies including Children's Hearing Clinic, Educational Audiologist, Speech Therapist, Addenbrookes Hospital, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and the Children’s Nursing Service.

· We work with children who have a very wide range of need including : physical, behaviour, social and emotional, English as a Foreign Language as well as language and communication delay.

· All our children’s needs are assessed and met on an individual basis - including their communication needs. We aim to provide a happy, caring environment where children can achieve their full potential with the help of the most appropriate level and system of support.


Please contact us to arrange a visit – we would love to meet you (and your child) to discuss what we can offer.


Miss J Rutkowska 01604 633894. /

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