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Welcome to our Blog :) 

Week 10 home learning: Hopefully, this will be our last blog of home learning, and from next week the children will take over and add their own pictures and work. Let's see who has been working right up until the last minute...

Spelling Shed: Junior

Prodigy: Simon and Jose

Sumdog: Simon

TTRockstars: No winner

Read Theory: No winner

Sharvika has been baking birthday cakes for her sister - how lovely!

Simon has been proving his maths skills are still strong:

Oliwier has not let his handwriting slip - the progress he has made is amazing!!

Week 9 home learning: Well done - lots of you picked up your packs last week, which was brilliant. Let us see who has worked hard this week:

Spelling Shed: Simon and Junior

Prodigy: Simon

Sumdog: Simon

TTRockstars: No Winner

Read Theory: Junior

Reading Eggs: No Winner

Lily and Oliwier have been practising drawing faces - good work:

Well done Maria for doing some beautiful handwriting:

Fantastic SPAG Simon - looking at definite and indefinite articles:

Week 8 home learning: The end is nigh! We have been told that we are able to reopen the school from Monday 1st June for all year 6 students. Hooray!! You parents should have received an email from Mrs.Lapsa this week with the details of how this may work - of course, this is constantly under review by us and the government but hopefully (fingers crossed) I will see you in 2 weeks. Now to this week's online winners:

Spelling Shed: Dovydas

Prodigy: Adriano

Sumdog: Junior

TTRockstars: No Winner

Read Theory: Junior

Reading Eggs: Simon

Oliwier has been learning about Ramadan and why it is an important time for Muslims:

Lily has been doing my job for me and correcting some work:

Simon has been channelling his inner artist and has produced an inventive and colourful door:

Week 7 home learning: Hello Year 6 :) Keep going and completing your work ready to bring in. From the announcement yesterday it looks like you will be able to come back to school soon where you can bring your work in and show me what you've been up to. Online winners this week:

Spelling Shed: Simon

Prodigy: Simon

Sumdog: Junior

TTRockstars: No Winner

Read Theory: Adriano

Reading Eggs: No Winner

Now some work completed by some of the children:

Maria has designed a beautiful door as part of her literacy project:

Sharvika has been doing lots of reading challenges from the Reading Bingo:

Simon has been completing some fraction challenges:

Roksana has designed her dingy door but there is a glimpse of a nicer scene through the cracks...

Week 6 home learning: Thank you to everyone who entered the competition - the standard was so high and it was so difficult to choose. Therefore, everyone who took part will get a prize and the top 3 will get a book as well. Also, thank you to the children who are still sending me work and contacting me for help and for a chat - it is lovely to hear from you!

First we will look at our weekly online winners:

Spelling Shed: Jayden

Prodigy: Lily

Sumdog: Simon

TTRockstars: No winner

Reading Theory: Sharvika

Reading Eggs: Simon

Now...for the competition they had to design a front cover of 'Beetle Queen' and write their version of the beginning of the story. The winners of the competition:

In 3rd Place is....Roksana!

In Second Place is....Maria!

Finally first place is... Irsa!

Well done to everyone who took part - I will let you know via email when and how to collect your prizes. Thank you to everyone for putting in so much effort - I was truly blown away by your entries. Here are some more brilliant examples:

Sharvika :)

Lily :)

Simon :)

Oliwier :)

Farheen :)

Week 5 home learning: Hello everyone and what a lovely week of weather we are having! I hope this is not our only glimpse of summer over the next few months but you never know in England. It has been lovely to see and speak to some of you and your parents as you have come to collect work - I want to reassure everyone that whatever happens this is not the end of year 6! Hopefully we will open again soon but, even if we don't, please know we will come back together again as soon as is safe to :)

Now onto this week's winners....

Spelling Shed Winner: Simon

Prodigy Winner: Lily

Sumdog Winner: No Winner

Reading Eggs Winner: No Winner

Read Theory Winner: Maria

TTRockstars Winner: Edgars

Oliwier has been busy building engines over the lockdown - he also made a little demonstration video for us to look at when we are back at school.

Marian has been on Spelling Shed this week and now has over 54 million points - well done!

Roksana used a picture I sent to write a description and it is fantastic!

Alexia has been showing me all the Maths she has been doing at home....and it is A LOT. Well done for keeping up the hard work!

Lily has been looking at Wassily Kandinsky's famous circle paintings and has recreated it with her own original spin:

Week 4 home learning: As time goes on it can be harder to motivate ourselves so I want to say a special Well Done to the children who continue to work hard and show me work they have done: Maria, Irsa, Roksana, Lily, Simon, Sharvika, Marian, Kacper, Farheen, Azra, Adriano, Alex and Junior! I am sure there are some more children but these are the ones who have contacted me with pictures of work and have engaged with the online learning. Remember it is not too late - please send me any evidence of the activities you have completed and I will happily add it to this page :). Keep going - I will be in touch shortly about your next pack of work. First, this week's online winners:

Spelling Shed Winner: Simon

Prodigy Winner: Sharvika for most games and Adriano for most improved player

Sumdog Winner: Junior

Reading Eggs Winner: Sharvika with 94% accuracy

Read Theory Winner: No Winner :(

TT Rockstars Winner: Simon for the most games played (23) AND Irsa for the highest accuracy (99%)

For our new topic 'Gallery Rebels' some of you have been getting very artistic over the Easter Holidays..

Irsa has been very busy this week researching Vincent Van Gough and recreating one of his most famous paintings - fab!

Lily also channeled her inner artist this week, researching Georges Seurat and then creating her own version of his style:

Inspired by a piece of Art, Maria wrote this amazingly descriptive poem this week:

Roksana has continued her Easter baking, with these delicious, impressive-looking cakes - Great British Bake Off contender?

Alex has also still had Easter on his mind and has designed his own Easter egg:

Kacper has been doing some great Maths at home this week:

Finally, Simon is still enjoying listening to 'Beetle Boy' and rooting for good to triumph! Only 4 chapters to go...

Week 3 home learning: Well done to everyone who has continued working this week - it is officially Easter holidays so make sure you are having a good balance of school work and rest time with your family. School is still open (except Easter Monday) so please call if you need anything or continue to email me. Enjoy the rest of your Easter break, keep working hard, and I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of the sunshine safely.

Spelling Shed Winner: Lily

Prodigy Winner: Simon

Sumdog Winner: Arturs

Reading Eggs Winner: Junior

Read Theory Winner: No winner

TTRockstars Winner: Maria and Eqbal

Sharvika has designed her own Easter egg, with some familiar characters...

Farheen has been baking these delicious looking cakes:

Well done Adriano - a lovely design for your egg!

Last week was Austistic Awareness Day, and Kacper has been writing down some ideas on how we can help people with Autism - well done :)

Now these made me jealous....these chocolate and banana Easter cakes that Lily and her sister have made look amazing - my inner chocoholic needs them!

Everyone in year 6 knows how much I love a descriptive suspense write and this is a great one from Irsa (lack of commas aside!) Such good use of different vocabulary and sentence structure makes this an exciting read!

Week 2 of home learning: It has been another week of hard work by Year 6 - well done! I love seeing your work, it brightens up my day so thank you for sending your photos. Below are a selection of the best bits from this week and the winners on our online learning websites. Please keep sending your pieces of work, I love to see them and share them with the rest of Vernon Terrace to give them inspiration and ideas:

Spelling Shed Weekly Winner: Lily

Prodigy Winner: Roksana

Sumdog Winner: Simon

Reading Eggs Winner: Junior

Read Theory Winner: Simon

TTRockstars Winner: Azra

Well done Savera for this beautiful non-fiction write about the butterfly:

Roksana and Maria completed fabulous posters warning of the dangers of the Golden Poison Frog and Cobra:

Well done Freddy for completing your reading comprehension questions correctly about 'Beetle Boy' (and putting up with my voice!):

Great work Irsa simplifying those fractions:

Arturs is working hard at home - what a lovely (but slightly violent) mini-beast comic book strip:

Simon and his sister have been spreading a bit of hope with their rainbows:

Finally, some brilliant work done by Lily on the South African Dung Beetle (which taught me a lot!)

Week 1 of home learning: Well done to all the work that has been done by year 6 this week during this strange time. I am very proud of all the children who have continued to try their best - below is some of the work they have completed this week. Well done to all of you:

Spelling Shed Weekly Winner: Simon

Prodigy Weekly Winner: Arturs

Sumdog Weekly Winner: Simon

Reading Eggs Weekly Winner: Simon

Read Theory Weekly Winner: Farheen

TT Rockstars Weekly Winner: NO WINNER

Maria has been finding out about the parts of the plant - beautiful handwriting with good facts.

Farheen has started her suspense story, using just a starting sentence. Lots of suspense story techniques here - well done :) ...

Oliwier's film review of 'Peter Rabbit' - I have not seen it yet but he has definitely piqued my curiousity with his great explanation

Marian has completed a fabulous comic strip about the adventure of a mini beast - even if it does have a sad ending!

Our very own future author Roksana has shown her natural story writing gift this week and produced a lovely story about a lonely caterpillar.

One Year 6's spelling stars Kacper has been at it again - correcting spellings successfully. Well done!

Cake Sale 28.01.20

As part of the newspaper group, we ran a cake sale to raise money for charity. The charity is to help the firefighters in Australia, who are fighting fires and helping people who have lost their homes and all their belongings. We asked the children to bake at home to sell at school - and WOW they did a good job. We raised over £70 so thank you everyone who donated one cake (or lots!).

Well done to our first Vernon Terrace Bake Off winners: 

3rd Place - Emilis (year 3) 

2nd Place - Irsa (year 6) 

1st Place - All of Year 1 (for all their contributions!) 

By Lily, Azra and Arturs

Our trip to the National Space Centre 27.01.20

Year 6 went to the National Space Centre last Monday. First, we went to the planetarium to watch a movie about an astronaut. It was really cool because the screen stretched all the way over the ceiling. After lunch, we had some time to explore the Centre, where there were rockets, planets and the Mars Rover. Before we left for school, we had a workshop, where a man showed us how to make mini rockets and launched them in different ways; it was fun!

Learning about the Planets and making rockets for our New Topic 07.01.20

For our Christmas homework, we made some fantastic rockets out of different things. Please see some of our finished ones:

By Kapcer P :) 

By Oliwier 

Abdullahi's and Aliya's

In groups, we looked at one planet each, using oil pastels to make them look realistic. Next, we will be adding some facts, ready to write a non-fiction text soon. They turned out brilliantly - and almost look 3D!

Jupiter by Sharvika, Savera and Farheen 

Neptune by Alexia, Azra, Rodrigo and Aliya

Saturn by Maria, Roksana and Kacper.

Our Kurling Trip 03.12.19

On 3rd December 2019, we went Kurling at Beckworth Emporium. In the beginning, we were pretty rubbish but by the end, we were scoring points and a lot more confident on the ice. For lots of us, this was our first time on the ice but we all did well!

Well done everyone - we have all just about defrosted our chilly toes!!

School Election Campaigns in Year 6CWC 12.11.19

This week, we have been getting ready for the school election. They all produced fantastic manifestos and discussed issues such as playtime equipment, the toilets, climate change and raising money for charity. Overall, we had 8 candidates running, but only one boy and one girl can be chosen....

Good luck to (L-R): Sharvika, Dovydas, Kacper, Simon, Lily, Maria, Irsa and Farheen (Farheen not in the picture). The winners will be announced in a special assembly soon.

Also this week, Junior shared a fantastic story about the Angry Birds going on a trip on the bus. He wrote it all out independently and shared it with the class - we all really enjoyed it! Here he is sharing his fantastic story :)

Year 6 Debate 28.11.19 on Climate Change

For our 'Frozen Kingdom' topic, we have been learning about Climate Change and how we as people can help by reducing our carbon footprint. To do this, Miss Walker-Collins gave us this statement:

'I know Climate Change is bad, but I need my car to get around.'

We then had to use our own knowledge and feelings to write how we agreed and disagreed with this statement in groups. To back up our arguments, we used the iPads for facts and figures. Then, we were ready to debate!

The debate became heated, but we all did well and argued in a respectful way! This debate will lead to a balanced argument, where we can write about all the points and make our own decisions on what we think about Climate Change.

Our Trip to BodyWorld 01.10.19!

Year 5 and 6 Go to Body World!

On 1st October 2019, Year 5 and 6 went to Body World; it was a long journey because it was in London. Later, we finally stopped and then we went to Body World, where we saw: real bodies, hearts, lungs, CPR dolls, brains and blood pressure cuffs. Along with all children, teachers and teacher assistants also came Mrs.Lapsa (who comes on every important trip). Later, year 5 and year 6 went down the elevator to get our audio guides and start our adventure. Obviously Junior saw the underground trains and Junior got excited when we saw the train station and Junior tried to drag Mrs Buswell down the stairs to the underground train station.

By Abdullahi and Dovydas

Enjoy reading about what we are doing in school.

From Year 6!

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