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Hello J
Our characters are still on their journey – complete the activities below over the next 2 weeks to move closer to moving onto your next adventure. Please send any work you complete to my email. I have sent the work to your school email addresses too. 

Thank you! 

MILESTONE 4: Recognising my star qualities

Your hero must have a brilliant personality to come this far – but do they realise it? When you are nervous or moving to a school with lots more children you can start to feel lost – this is when we need to remember that we all have star qualities to share.

• Design a timetable for Sports Day – what events could there be? How much time would they have at each station? How would they be scored?

• Walk around the local area – how could it be improved? What you could you do improve it and leave your mark by having a positive impact? Come up with a plan on one way you could improve it. Draft up your idea, plan and get a proposal ready to present to your local MP. This could be in the gardening area, playground or anywhere in your local area.

• Using teamwork, organise the tools you will need and make your improvement to the school.

•Take photos and write about what you have done.

• Evaluate your work and think about how you can have a positive impact in the local community and the wider world? What would you change?

MILESTONE 5: Innovation

Now you have realised you have something to contribute to the world, you need to bring that star power to raise money for your end of year party – but how are you going to do it?

• Pretend you have been given £10. You must plan how you are going to spend it to make more money. Are you going to sell something? Have a game etc? How much will you need to charge to make money back?

• Organising a party: You need to create a shopping list for a party – look online for prices and stick to the budget.

• Decide what decorations you need to make and how many – set up a task force to make all the things you need and design and make your own decoration.

• Egg-mobile competition: use a range of recycled or construction materials to make a moving vehicle that can carry an egg from one place to another without breaking. How many eggs can it carry?

• Story innovation: Your ‘hero’ is now going on a new adventure – look at the story map you did of your life so far. What is your character’s next step in their story? Plan and write the next chapter of your story.




Below is the work for the next 2 weeks. Any questions, please email me on I have emailed the work to your school email addresses - however, if you need a new book or any equipment just pop in to pick up materials.


• Look at photos of yourself and family. How have we already changed? Are all changes bad? How will you change as you move onto Secondary school?

• Draw a story map of your life so far starting with your birth. Include any big changes e.g. siblings, moving to a new house, moving to a new country new pets or any sad big events. Draw pictures and add dates or words if you can remember. Finish with your move to a new school. Were these good changes or bad changes?

• Nature is something that is always changing. Spend time in the gardening, planting in the garden. Maintain with water and plant food and note how it changes. How does nature adapt to change?

·      Look up the word resilience in the dictionary and put it into a sentence about how resilience will be important when you move to secondary school.

• ‘Painting pebbles’ – find and clean some pebbles ready to paint. Choose 4-5 emotions. Use the colours and patterns you think of to represent each emotion. How can we use the pebbles help us keep our emotions in check to make sure they do not take over?


• Reflect on what makes a good team? What does every good team need? How can you be a good team player?

• Outdoor teamwork games

• Make a game –create a new game that you can teach others to play. This could be indoor or outdoor. You have to make all of the resources needed and create some instructions and rules. You will need to solve problems and test it before rolling it out to the rest of the group.

• On big paper draw the perfect friend. Add their qualities. What makes them a good friend? Consider what you will look for when you meet new potential friends?

• Create a poster using ICT with top tips to make friends for the new Reception children – what key skills will they, and you, need to remember when meeting new people? Learn how to change fonts and add pictures etc.


From Miss Walker-Collins


New packs are available from Monday 1st June 2020, at the desk, if you are not returning to school. Please be aware that it will not be available until after 11am. You will also be provided with a new work book. One of the activities is an art project - if you need any resources e.g. clay or paints etc., please let me know and we can give these to you.

If you are coming back to school, you will have less work as there will just be homework for over the weekend.

Please see below the full list of activities for the children who are not coming back at all. The ones in bold are the homework for the weekend for the children who are in school. Any questions, please just drop me an email :)


Here is your next work pack from the 1 st June. These activities are for the next 2 weeks (but please contact me if you need any more work!) We are focusing on creating transition journals in workbooks, that you will take to your secondary school with you.


1. Design the front cover of your journal – the title is ‘Hero’s Journey’ and should be based on your ‘hero’ going on an adventure.

2. Write a diary entry about what the last 2 months have been like. What have you missed? Do you think it will change us as individuals/a community?

3. Design ‘hero’ of your journey. This will the character of the story – what attributes will your hero have to have to complete the journey? Design what they look like

4. Make your character into a 3D sculpture (small in size) using clay, card or any materials etc.

5. Making the mountain –create a 3D map/mountain/journey for the characters to go on (your character will go on this). It should have 6 milestones or places on that your character will have to reach.  

6. Complete a fact file front cover for Vernon Terrace with a photo e.g. address, contact number, head teacher, teachers, website etc.

7. Autobiography: write some favourite memories, people you have met, favourite trips, favourite books read at school etc. with lots of picture and colour

8. Write a diary entry about your worries and things to look forward to as you move onto your new school. Can we give each other ideas on how to overcome those worries?

9. Write a letter to your future self. What do you hope has happened in the next 6 months? What advice could you give yourself? What support do you need to remind yourself of?

10. Complete a fact file for your new school with a photo e.g. address, contact number, head teacher, teachers, website etc. Print a map and find it – how far is it from your house? Plot your route. How long will it take? What time will you need to leave to get there on time?


1. semi-colon practice sheet

2. transition spelling shed list


Packs are STILL available from the school - thank you for the children who have collected them. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of children who are still working hard - you are making yourselves and Vernon Terrace very proud. We are looking forward to seeing the vast majority of you in 7 days :)

Keep busy with the activities provided below - if you finish early please let me know and I will send over some additional activities :)

From Miss Walker-Collins


Packs are available to collect from the office on 18th May 2020. If you need one sent electronically please let me know and I will email it over! Please see the activities below:

Hi everyone


Here is your pack for the next 2 weeks. As always, please email me with any queries and concerns on Do not forget about the online learning that you can access: Spelling Shed, Prodigy, Sumdog, TTRockstars, Read Theory and Reading Eggs.


Contact me if you need anything or have run out of any supplies e.g. pencils, paper etc.



1. Sign on to play on Reading Eggs – no set assignment but I want everyone to log on for 30 minutes this week and play the games

2. Watch the video version of the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker

In your books, write what you think is happening in the story.

3. Maths booklet

4. Indefinite Articles worksheet

5. Activity 5 and 6 about ‘The Door’

6. ‘From a Railway Carriage’ handwriting poem

7. SPAG Dice game – how many activities can you complete out of the 36?

8. Complete the secondary school transition activities

9. Spelling Shed competition testing year 5/6 spellings until 23.05.2020

10. Have a look at the step by step instructions for ‘How to Draw a Face’ – have a go at drawing a face (your own or someone else’s) using the instructions.


Happy should have been starting your SATs day!

Today is the day that SATs would have started,

The classroom set up and the tables parted,

The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,

Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,

Instead you are home, we're doing our bit,

Protecting your families from getting sick,

It's important right now, we're in lockdown you see,

Being part of an unusual part of world history,

You've all worked so hard, you should be so proud,

You've practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,

You've learnt algebra to the Nth degree,

And now the tests, they will no longer be,

Some may be sad that they can't take the tests,

'Hip hip hooray,' I've no doubt said the rest,

Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,

Remember that tests can't measure everything you learn,

And I don't need SATs results to tell me,

How hard you have worked, it's easy to see,

'Lockdown' Year 6, let me shout it out loud,

You've made all your teachers and parents so very proud,

So please continue to learn, fill that brain full,

And remember, we think you're all wonderful!

Well done year 6 - carry on with the work set last week. Packs are still available to be picked up if you have not yet. Hopefully, I will see you all soon. Do not forget to email me if you need any help: :)


Here is your next pack of work for the next 2 weeks! Please complete in your workbooks – stick the activity in your book and complete on the next page. Remember, send me examples of your work every Friday so I can put it on the website and celebrate your hard work. Well done for continuing with your work, I am very proud of the attitude of most of you. Keep it all together as you will be asked to bring it in when we come back to school. PLEASE come into school to collect any resources you need. For example, pencils, paper or art supplies.


Remember to keep in touch over email:

This can be about work or any other concerns you are having – this is a worrying time and it can be reassuring just to have a chat J

From Miss Walker-Collins

List of activities:

1. Activity 4 (design a door) and activity 5 (idioms)

2. Maths Home Learning Pack

3. Sumdog Challenge from 4 th May-11 th May.

4. Watch the trailer for our book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker

Imagine you open the door you designed in activity 1. What magical world could be behind it? Draw what you think is behind your magical door.

5. Cross off two more reading activities on the Reading Bingo sheet

6. Eddie the Eagle Editing task

7. Using the world map, plot 10 of the most famous art galleries in the world, with their most famous of piece of art in each one.

8. Learn these key British Sign Language greetings:

And the BSL alphabet:

And see if you can spell your name (send a video or photo!)

9. It is Ramadan month – look at the website:

And complete the sheet ‘What is Ramadan?’

10. We are going through a crazy time – write a letter to your future self about what is happening and how you are feeling. (If you do not want me to post this on the website just let me know).



Please find the final chapters of 'Beetle Boy' attached sent to your school email. This week there will be  no questions.  Instead, there is a  competition  to win the sequel of 'Beetle Boy' called 'Beetle Queen'. 

I would like everyone to enter as part of your learning. 
Here is the blurb to 'Beetle Queen':
Cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter, is at large with her yellow ladybird spies - and she has a devious plan. When Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt discover further evidence of her evil, they’re determined to stop her.

But the three friends are in trouble. Darkus’ dad has forbidden them to investigate any further – and disgusting crooks Humphrey and Pickering are out of prison. Hope rests on Novak, Lucretia’s daughter and a Hollywood actress, but the beetle diva is always one scuttle ahead …
You need to: 
1. Design a front cover for the sequel 'Beetle Queen'. This can be done by dropping off your entry in school, sending me a photo or designing on your computers and sending it to me directly. 
2. Imagine you are writing 'Beetle Queen' - using the blurb and your imagination, can you write your version of the first paragraph of 'Beetle Queen'. This only needs to be a few sentences long. 

Can you please give me your entrants by Sunday - I will post the winner on the website and email you on Monday morning to organise the collection or delivery of the prize! 

Good luck and let me know if you have any trouble taking part in the competition. Like I said above, I am expecting everyone to take part. 

Please continue with the activities set out below in your learning packs - well done to those children who are still working hard! Please see this week's winners and best work on the '6CWC Blog and Home Learning..' page.


The next year 6 learning packs will be available to pick up tomorrow Tuesday 21st April 2020. 

They will be available to pick up from 9am. If you can not come on Tuesday, then please let me or the school know when you can, or email me to send over electronically!

I have sent the recording of the next 2 chapters of Beetle Boy with the questions to keep you busy today. As well as that, a Prodigy assignment has started today (ends on Saturday) focusing on data, angles, measurement and factors. Also, I would like everyone to log on to Read Theory and complete 10 Reading Comprehensions (they are short) over the week. 

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday!

Please see your next set of activities below. If you could complete them over the next two weeks and send me pictures of your work every Friday for the school website (and because I love seeing what you are up to!).


Keep safe and keep going,

From Miss Walker-Collins

Summary of Activities

1. Listen or read chapter 21 and 22 of ‘Beetle Boy’ (sent by email every Monday) and answer questions

2. Read Theory – can everyone log on and complete 10 reading comprehension activities. The winner will be the child with the most points.

3. Look at the front cover of our new book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. Make some predictions about what the story may be about using modal verbs. Remember the rule of PEE – make your Point, Explain your ideas and give them Evidence from the front cover or blurb.

4. Finish the playscript for ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. I have left some sentences int there to give you clues. If you are not sure of the story there are many versions on YouTube:

5. Complete 2 challenges from the ‘Reading Bingo’ sheet – take a photo to evidence what ones you did!

6. Prodigy Assignment on data, measurement, factors and angles finishing on Saturday 25 th April 2020.

7. Google ‘Wassily Kandinsky’s painting circles’ and recreate your own version. You can use the paper template provided or create your own on separate paper.

8. Spelling Shed Assignment from Tuesday 21 st April – Saturday 25 th on new Gallery Rebel topic words

9. ‘Doors – the World of Possibility’ writing activities creating your own poem

10. Maths home learning pack – complete in booklets


Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and entertained over the Easter break. Just a reminder about the tasks that were set in your Learning Packs (please see below). The Spelling Shed competition is now finished and you can see the winner on the '6CWC Blog and Home Learning...'. Additionally, this week I have set you:

- An assignment on Reading Eggs to be completed by next Friday (17th April)

- Chapter 19 and 20 of 'Beetle Boy' with the questions (sent via email on Monday 13th April).

- TT Rockstars competition until next Friday

Have a lovely week - continue to send your work to me through the week ready for me to put up next Saturday.


Thank you to all the children and parents who came in to collect the second Learning Packs on Friday. If you have not done so, they can still be collected next week. Any problems or if you need any help with the work let me know via email:

Have a lovely Easter :)

Summary of activities:

1.  https://www.bbcgoodfood. com/recipes/collection/easter- kids
Do some Easter baking (see website above) or design your own Easter egg

2. Easter Themed Spelling Shed - assignment. 

3. Writing = Descriptive write based on Literacy Shed picture building suspense 

4. Maths = 10 White Rose problems of the day (1 a day)

5. Beetle Boy
- Chapter 17 and 18 listening and Reading Comprehension questions (week 1 - check email)
- Chapter 19 and 20 with questions (comes second week - check email)

6. SPAG = 
active and passive (group 1 and 2)
possessive apostrophes (group 3 and 4) 
Sentences (Arturs, Adriano and Austeja) 

7. Gallery Rebels research and Art 

8. Reading Eggs Ass ignment (week 2 - check email)

9. Handwriting

10. Poem - choose a piece of art and use it to write a poem using the planning template given.



Hello everyone :) 

See below your tasks for the next week. I have put tasks under each day, but of course, you can be flexible with this. Remember, I will still be checking all the online websites (Spelling Shed, TTRockstars, Read Theory, Prodigy, Sumdog and Reading Eggs) and announcing the winners next weekend! To see this week's winners and work, please click on '6CWC Blog and Home Learning'. If you check your school email accounts, I have sent you the resources you need that are mentioned below:

1 . Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2 . In 100 words or less, summarise what has happened in 'Beetle Boy' so far. Talk about Darkus, Virginia, Bertolt, Barty (his dad), Pickering, Humphrey, Uncle Max, Novak Cutter and Lucretia Cutter.
3. Using any materials you like, make a rainbow to stick in your window. This could be with felt tips, paint, as a collage etc. Have a look at the news article to see why:  

1. Login to Prodigy to complete assignment about Fractions
2 . Listen to the next 2 chapters of 'Beetle Boy' and answer questions attached to this document (if you are having problems with my recording, email me for the next chapter)
3. Maths - simplify fractions to their lowest form using common factors (login to your school email)

1. Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2. Choose a type of beetle: Goliath, dung, stag, scarab, weevil, longhorn or blister beetles. Sketch and label your chosen beetle and create a fact file. Include: habitat, diet, lifespan, appearance, prey or predator, any dangerous features, countries where it is found, unusual features etc. 
3. Put a 10 minute timer on and play on TTRockstars - let's see who can get the most coins in that time!
4. Complete brackets worksheet (log in to your school email)

1 . Login to Prodigy to complete assignment about Fractions
2 . Choose and do research on a 'deadly' creature. Create a poster to warn people about these dangers. Some examples of animals you could choose: mosquitoes, some snakes, freshwater snails, sharks etc. 
3. Today is World Autism Awareness Day !  One in every 100 UK school child is autistic, and over 40% of these say they have been bullied at school. Watch these videos on Autism:  and . Think of 3 things that you have learnt from the videos and 5 things we could do to help people with Autism.

1 . Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2. Joined handwriting practice (see sheet on your email) in books
3 . For RE, we are looking at the religion Sikhism. Watch this video about the 5 K's  
List the 5 Ks and why they are symbolic in your books. 

I hope to see you all soon! Remember, any questions, problems or anything just drop me an email. 
From Miss Walker-Collins :) 


Hello Year 6 :),
This week, I have sent you home with nine activities to complete over the week:

1. Comic book mini beast activity (Art/Literacy)

2. Non-fiction butterfly write (Science/Literacy/ICT)

3. Reading comprehension with question booklet (Literacy)

4. Quick SPAG practise questions (SPAG)

5. Year 5/6 spelling activity (x2) (SPAG)

6. Film Review (Literacy)

7. Suspense Story (Literacy)

8. Dictionary skills (SPAG)

9. 3 Maths booklets (Maths)

Additionally, remember that you have all been sent home with passwords for the following educational websites:

Spelling Shed, Sumdog, Prodigy, Reading Eggs, TT Rockstars and Read Theory. Please keep going onto these when you have spare time, and I will let you know when I have set up assignments or activities on there for you.

Remember, try and get outside everyday, even if it is just for a walk around the local area - this will help keep your body and mind healthy!

Keep checking here to find out your work and see the activities for the next week - email me if you get stuck with anything.

Keep safe and hope to see you all back in school soon,

Miss Walker-Collins

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