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Coronavirus - Work and Updates


Thank you to all the children and parents who came in to collect the second Learning Packs on Friday. If you have not done so, they can still be collected next week. Any problems or if you need any help with the work let me know via email:

Have a lovely Easter :)

Summary of activities:

1.  https://www.bbcgoodfood. com/recipes/collection/easter- kids
Do some Easter baking (see website above) or design your own Easter egg

2. Easter Themed Spelling Shed - assignment. 

3. Writing = Descriptive write based on Literacy Shed picture building suspense 

4. Maths = 10 White Rose problems of the day (1 a day)

5. Beetle Boy
- Chapter 17 and 18 listening and Reading Comprehension questions (week 1 - check email)
- Chapter 19 and 20 with questions (comes second week - check email)

6. SPAG = 
active and passive (group 1 and 2)
possessive apostrophes (group 3 and 4) 
Sentences (Arturs, Adriano and Austeja) 

7. Gallery Rebels research and Art 

8. Reading Eggs Ass ignment (week 2 - check email)

9. Handwriting

10. Poem - choose a piece of art and use it to write a poem using the planning template given.



Hello everyone :) 

See below your tasks for the next week. I have put tasks under each day, but of course, you can be flexible with this. Remember, I will still be checking all the online websites (Spelling Shed, TTRockstars, Read Theory, Prodigy, Sumdog and Reading Eggs) and announcing the winners next weekend! To see this week's winners and work, please click on '6CWC Blog and Home Learning'. If you check your school email accounts, I have sent you the resources you need that are mentioned below:

1 . Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2 . In 100 words or less, summarise what has happened in 'Beetle Boy' so far. Talk about Darkus, Virginia, Bertolt, Barty (his dad), Pickering, Humphrey, Uncle Max, Novak Cutter and Lucretia Cutter.
3. Using any materials you like, make a rainbow to stick in your window. This could be with felt tips, paint, as a collage etc. Have a look at the news article to see why:  

1. Login to Prodigy to complete assignment about Fractions
2 . Listen to the next 2 chapters of 'Beetle Boy' and answer questions attached to this document (if you are having problems with my recording, email me for the next chapter)
3. Maths - simplify fractions to their lowest form using common factors (login to your school email)

1. Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2. Choose a type of beetle: Goliath, dung, stag, scarab, weevil, longhorn or blister beetles. Sketch and label your chosen beetle and create a fact file. Include: habitat, diet, lifespan, appearance, prey or predator, any dangerous features, countries where it is found, unusual features etc. 
3. Put a 10 minute timer on and play on TTRockstars - let's see who can get the most coins in that time!
4. Complete brackets worksheet (log in to your school email)

1 . Login to Prodigy to complete assignment about Fractions
2 . Choose and do research on a 'deadly' creature. Create a poster to warn people about these dangers. Some examples of animals you could choose: mosquitoes, some snakes, freshwater snails, sharks etc. 
3. Today is World Autism Awareness Day !  One in every 100 UK school child is autistic, and over 40% of these say they have been bullied at school. Watch these videos on Autism:  and . Think of 3 things that you have learnt from the videos and 5 things we could do to help people with Autism.

1 . Practise spelling on new Spelling Shed assignment (year 5/6 spellings)
2. Joined handwriting practice (see sheet on your email) in books
3 . For RE, we are looking at the religion Sikhism. Watch this video about the 5 K's  
List the 5 Ks and why they are symbolic in your books. 

I hope to see you all soon! Remember, any questions, problems or anything just drop me an email. 
From Miss Walker-Collins :) 


Hello Year 6 :),
This week, I have sent you home with nine activities to complete over the week:

1. Comic book mini beast activity (Art/Literacy)

2. Non-fiction butterfly write (Science/Literacy/ICT)

3. Reading comprehension with question booklet (Literacy)

4. Quick SPAG practise questions (SPAG)

5. Year 5/6 spelling activity (x2) (SPAG)

6. Film Review (Literacy)

7. Suspense Story (Literacy)

8. Dictionary skills (SPAG)

9. 3 Maths booklets (Maths)

Additionally, remember that you have all been sent home with passwords for the following educational websites:

Spelling Shed, Sumdog, Prodigy, Reading Eggs, TT Rockstars and Read Theory. Please keep going onto these when you have spare time, and I will let you know when I have set up assignments or activities on there for you.

Remember, try and get outside everyday, even if it is just for a walk around the local area - this will help keep your body and mind healthy!

Keep checking here to find out your work and see the activities for the next week - email me if you get stuck with anything.

Keep safe and hope to see you all back in school soon,

Miss Walker-Collins

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