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6CWC Curriculum

Class 6CWC – Blood Heart (Autumn Term)

This term our topic is ‘Blood Heart’. It will be focused on the human body, and more specifically the circulatory system.

Literacy; Our story is ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Marjorie Blackman

- Making predictions and inferences based on the front cover and blurb of a book

- Writing instructions using imperative verbs

- Writing diary entries as a character from the book

- Learning how to become efficient editors

- Creating our own success criteria

- Using our reading to influence our writing

- Letter writing

Spelling, grammar and punctuation ;

- modal verbs

- synonyms and antonyms

- imperative verbs

- looking at grammatical and differences in punctation in formal and informal writing

- contractions

- passive sentences

- conjunctions

- using commas for a variety of reasons

- year 5/6 spellings

- using dictionaries and a thesaurus effectively

- pronouns

- semi-colons

- brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis


- Place Value

Science; The Human Body

- Dissecting and learning about a lamb’s heart

- Circulatory system

- Functions of blood

- Heart rate

- Healthy Vs Unhealthy heart

- How liquid flows through blood vessels

RE; Our religion this year is Sikhism

- Learn about the creation story in Sikhism

- Learn key words and their meanings

- Retell the story accurately


- ART;
Large scale human organs sketching

‘Blood Red’ Artwork

- Design & Technology;

Using clay and other materials to show the heart’s 4 chambers

- History;
Research about Dr William Harvey

- Computing;

Researching significant people and inside the human body


Learning about the main food groups

Designing a healthy, balanced meal

Creating nutritious and balanced recipes and making them

Investigating animal testing and debating if it is morally right

IMPORTANT things to remember;

- PE is on Wednesday and Friday mornings, so please remember PE kit. This must only include a white t-shirt, black shorts/trousers and trainers. No patterned tops should be worn. Also, earrings need to be removed on these days.

- Children need to bring an old t-shirt into school on Wednesday 11 th September 2019 (one that can get dirty).

- Our trip to Body World in London on the 1 st October 2019

- Harvest Festival on the 4 th October 2019

- Assessment Week is the week beginning the 7 th October

- Parents Meetings are scheduled for the 15 th October

- Break up on 25 th October 2019.

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