Vernon Terrace

6CWC Curriculum

Class 6CWC – Frozen Kingdom (Winter Term)

This term our topic is ‘Frozen Kingdom’. It will be focused on the climate, harsh weathers and the environment.

Literacy; Our story is ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill

- Making an advert using persuasive language

- A balanced argument

- Letter writing

- Creating suspense and atmosphere with our choice of vocabulary and punctuation

- Identifying formal and informal writing

Spelling, grammar and punctuation ;

- hyphens and dashes

- contractions

- colons

- relative clauses

- passive sentences

- semi-colons

- past tense

- modal verbs

- suffixes

- brackets


- long division and multiplication

- daily multiplication tests


- Describe how animals adapt to different climates

- Classification

- Climate change

- Global warming

- To identify what contributes to our carbon footprint as individuals and as a soceity

RE; Our religion this year is Sikhism

- Learn about the creation story in Sikhism

- Learn key words and their meanings

- Retell the story accurately


- ART;
Inuit Art

Block printing


Brusho for Northern Lights artwork

- Design & Technology;

Making igloos that would withhold bad weather

- History;
Using ICT to learn about the Titanic

Creating timelines to order important historical events


Understand the importance of democracy and what it means to live in a democratic society

IMPORTANT things to remember:

- PE is on Wednesday and Friday mornings, so please remember PE kit. This must only include a white t-shirt, black shorts/trousers and trainers. No patterned tops should be worn. Also, earrings need to be removed on these days.

- Snack is £1 a week or you can pay £7 for the whole term

- Our trip to Beckworth Emporium on the 15 th November 2019

- School photographs on the 11 th November 2019

- School Council elections 20 th November 2019

- Christmas Fair and disco 6 th December

- Christmas Jumper Day on the 10 th December

- Christmas performances 12 th/13th December

- We break up on 20 th December 2019

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