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10.09.2019 Dissecting Hearts and a Bake Off!

Our Week - 10.09.2019

We have had a very exciting week in year 6! Our topic is called 'Blood Heart', so we thought we better cut up some hearts!

But do not worry, they were lamb's heart, not human :)

We got a chance to cut and slice open the heart to have a look inside. Also, we got to stick our fingers in the Aorta (tubes at the top of the heart), which was gross but fun!

We followed this up with a lesson on how to write our own instructions, focusing on imperative verbs and time connectives:

Between all that slicing and dicing, we had an opportunity to use some real doctor's stethoscopes to listen to our hearts. Also, we talked about blood pressure and things that can affect it. Afterwards, we were able to take our own blood pressure and compare them with our friends. We agreed a healthy diet, exercise and time to have fun are all important to make sure we stay happy and healthy!

After all that gory excitement we finished off the week with a competition: A Year 6 Great British Bake Off. We had 3 recipes to bake: cupcakes, rice crispie cakes and biscuits. There were 3 categories we were judged on: teamwork, cleanliness of area and overall presentation. After 1.5 hours of hard work, Strawberry Chocolate Legends won and ran the Bake Sale for us. Well done to the member Dovydas, Freddy, Savera, Roberta and Rodrigo! We raised £60 for our trip so thank you to all the children and parents who brought our sweet treats!

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