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Learning about the Planets and making rockets for our New Topic 07.01.20

For our Christmas homework, we made some fantastic rockets out of different things. Please see some of our finished ones:

By Kapcer P :) 

By Oliwier 

Abdullahi's and Aliya's

In groups, we looked at one planet each, using oil pastels to make them look realistic. Next, we will be adding some facts, ready to write a non-fiction text soon. They turned out brilliantly - and almost look 3D!

Jupiter by Sharvika, Savera and Farheen 

Neptune by Alexia, Azra, Rodrigo and Aliya

Saturn by Maria, Roksana and Kacper.

Our Kurling Trip 03.12.19

On 3rd December 2019, we went Kurling at Beckworth Emporium. In the beginning, we were pretty rubbish but by the end, we were scoring points and a lot more confident on the ice. For lots of us, this was our first time on the ice but we all did well!

Well done everyone - we have all just about defrosted our chilly toes!!

Our Trip to BodyWorld 01.10.19!

]Year 5 and 6 Go to Body World!

On 1st October 2019, Year 5 and 6 went to Body World; it was a long journey because it was in London. Later, we finally stopped and then we went to Body World, where we saw: real bodies, hearts, lungs, CPR dolls, brains and blood pressure cuffs. Along with all children, teachers and teacher assistants also came Mrs.Lapsa (who comes on every important trip). Later, year 5 and year 6 went down the elevator to get our audio guides and start our adventure. Obviously Junior saw the underground trains and Junior got excited when we saw the train station and Junior tried to drag Mrs Buswell down the stairs to the underground train station.

By Abdullahi and Dovydas

School Election Campaigns in Year 6CWC 12.11.19

This week, we have been getting ready for the school election. They all produced fantastic manifestos and discussed issues such as playtime equipment, the toilets, climate change and raising money for charity. Overall, we had 8 candidates running, but only one boy and one girl can be chosen....

Good luck to (L-R): Sharvika, Dovydas, Kacper, Simon, Lily, Maria, Irsa and Farheen (Farheen not in the picture). The winners will be announced in a special assembly soon.

Also this week, Junior shared a fantastic story about the Angry Birds going on a trip on the bus. He wrote it all out independently and shared it with the class - we all really enjoyed it! Here he is sharing his fantastic story :)

Year 6 Debate 28.11.19 on Climate Change

For our 'Frozen Kingdom' topic, we have been learning about Climate Change and how we as people can help by reducing our carbon footprint. To do this, Miss Walker-Collins gave us this statement:

'I know Climate Change is bad, but I need my car to get around.'

We then had to use our own knowledge and feelings to write how we agreed and disagreed with this statement in groups. To back up our arguments, we used the iPads for facts and figures. Then, we were ready to debate!

The debate became heated, but all children did well and argued in a respectful way! This debate will lead to a balanced argument, where we can write about all the points and make our own decisions on what we think about Climate Change.

Enjoy reading about what we are doing in school.

From Year 6!

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