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13th July 2020

Well done to those who are completing the Prodigy preparation for year 6 work.

Nischal - 94%

Asli - 93%

Megan - 67%

Cameron - 41%

A new assignment has been set up on Spelling Shed containing words that relate to our first topic of Year 6 in September - Hola Mexico! Have fun.

Keep up the great work. 

10th July 2020

It's Achievement Friday again and this week we are celebrating our sporting achievements.

Megan, Aleks, Ugne, Rahima  and  Alexis  all took part in Sports Day, they participated in all of the activities with great enthusiasm and cheered each other on. It was a fabulous atmosphere and all the children behaved impeccably.

EY & KS1 Sports Day – IQRA Primary School


Yet again well done to the children completing the science experiments in your home learning pack. We have Melina who has completed the bouncy egg challenge and Maja C who has been researching all about the Amazon. Great work.


It's that time of week again - ACHIEVEMENT FRIDAY

A big well done to Alex who created a fantastic intricate pencil drawing of a mini-beast. He showed a real attention to detail. An amazing effort.

Our students' fantastic work - Term 3 Issue 1


What great fun Melina has had at home building a fort from the learning pack. Well done.



A big well done to Ugne who worked fantastically during our Australia themed day. She created a brilliant piece of aboriginal art, an information booklet about an Australian animal and a fantastic koala pom pom!

Fantastic work on the BFL commentary... - Apple 98.5 FM - Bacchus ... Animals world map, Australia. Australian animals poster. Australia ...

25th June 2020

Your new learning packs are all ready to be collected from school with lots of project ideas for you to complete. If you can not collect from school then please download from here. I would love to see some photos of work that has been completed. Email or pop your work into school. Well done Maja C for all the emails and updates - I have loved looking at all your excellent home learning.


Achievement Friday

It's that time of week when we celebrate those that have gone the extra mile this week

There are two winners this week. Firstly, Megan who has completed some brilliant work on graphs, beautifully presented and including all the key features.

Secondly, Ugne who wrote a super piece of work on seeds and the different ways they can be dispersed.

Well done girls.

Congratulations and well done everyone... - Leah's Dance Academy ...


Achievement Friday

A big congratulations to Rahima for a really positive attitude, throwing herself into all the challenges!

13 wonderful, whimsical words to express approval - PR Daily

Year 5 packs are ready to collect as of today ( 4th June). Could you please bring any work in that you have completed. Well done to those who have done so already.

Maja certainly had great fun this afternoon making a rainbow using one of the science experiments from the new pack. Thank you very much for your photos.

WC 12th May 2020. A Superb Story Map Maja C as part of your home learning pack based on a piece of art by Pierre Renoir.

Followed on by a great story....

Remember to please email me any work that you would like adding to our blog......

A reading challenge for you.... which line will you travel along and read.... I think I will start this week by travelling along the Morpurgo line.

Thank you Pola for sending me your amazing story The Queen of Turtles.....

The queen of turtles

A long time ago, in the hard working land of pigs, cows and horses lived a poor farmer called Lily.

When the sun rose,and shimmered in the morning Lily went fishing to get food.

Once when she put the net in the turquoise, diamond ocean she carefully pulled the net and spotted a colourful Queen of turtles.Lily wanted to sell it but she was kindhearted so she put it back in the crystal ocean. Before Lily put the Queen in the ocean she spoke “thank you i will grant you 3 wishes tomorrow at midnight come to this place and i will grant you your first wish.”

So after she returned home Lily was trying to think “My sister cant walk, we are poor and because of that our roof is leaking and i really want a puppy on my own there is a lot of things but how will i decide because i only have one wish?”

As quick as a flash,it came to her! After she knew what to wish for. As the moon was taking over the day. Lily ran as fast as she could and saw  the moonlight and the amazing Queen.Lily was still a bit far away like 2 minutes. She saw how the queen was walking away so she shouted “QUEEN OF THE TURTLES WAIT!” The queen saw her running so she stopped. Lily said i know what to wish for i wish so my sister is running after a puppy in a mansion garden.” After the queen disappeared Lily heard barking of a puppy. Lily walked happily to her mansion  whilst the moonlight reflected in the waves.

The end

Friday 24th April.

Your third learning pack is now available to collect from school as of Monday. Each pack has your name on it so that I can see who is not collecting their packs. If you would like to print the pack off at home then please download from this link.

Wednesday 1st April

The new home learning packs are now available to collect from school. The packs have work that is related to our next topic 'Gallery Rebels'. If you can not collect the pack from school then please click here and you will find all the work for children to complete. I have included some home science activities, some art lessons, some research and literacy lessons and maths lessons. The books on the book list are available to purchase from Amazon.

Tuesday 31st March

Yay - we have a new Spelling Shed champion today which is Diya having played 20 games followed by Ugne in a close second place, but everyone is yet to beat Sadia who played a record of 138 games yesterday!
  • We have joint winners for maths shed today which are Alisia and Maja C with Aleks coming in at second place. Well done.
  • Momena is currently the sumdog champion, but who feels brave enough to take on the sumdog challenge?
  • You still have one day left to complete the Prodigy mission. Well done to those who have completed. Your next challenge has now began.
  • Well done Nischal and Asli for starting the next book on reading eggs.

I have put together new home learning packs for you. These will be ready for you to collect from school from 9am on Friday 3rd April.


Friday 27th March

Well done to Alisia, Beatrice, Maja C, Iqra, Pola, Momena, Melina for going on Spelling Shed today. Well done to Iqra for playing 50 games with Momena in second with 20 games.

Marius, Iqra, Crissey have all done well on Maths Shed, but again well done to Iqra playing 15 games.

Well done Ayaan for using Prodigy today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Keep safe and well.

And the champions of Thursday 26th March go to:

  • Maths shed is still Maja C with Iqra a very close second.
  • With a total of 56 games played on Spelling Shed Thursdays champion is Melina (again!)
  • Cameron is still Sumdog champion, but well done to both Melina and Asli.
  • No one is yet to beat Ayaan on Reading Eggs.
  • Well done to Asli, followed by Iqra and then Nischal for Prodigy today.
  • Year 3 are beating year 5 on TTRS!!

Lets see some different names of the daily leaderboard!

Wednesday 25th March

  • Well done to Cameron on Sumdog with the most amount of time played in the last 7 days and Melina is a very close 2nd.
  • Spelling Shed champion is Melina who has played 56 games today.
  • Maja C is still maths shed champion for the second day in a row playing 29 games.
  • Ayaan has taken the lead on Prodigy
  • Well done Crissy and Iqra for completing the Lunar Rover. You now have your next story on Reading Eggs

Some extra resources available online are

  • Dance with Oti Mabouse everyday at 11.30am
  • Storytime with David Walliams everyday at 11am :
  • for some amazing science

Tuesday 24th March

Well done to all the children that have logged onto the home learning websites. Our top scorers for today are:
  • Ayaan and Anisa on reading eggs for completing the Lunar Rover book.
  • Ayaan for completing her second book on Reading Eggs The Way of the Dragon.
  • Maja C for Tuesday's maths shed champion who completed a grand total of 61 games today.
  • Andreea for Tuesday's spelling shed champion completing 26 games.
  • Our Prodigy champions today are Cameron, Pola and Alisia.

Remember you all have assignments to complete on Reading Eggs, Prodigy, Maths Shed, Spelling Shed, Sumdog and TTRS. At the moment the boys are 800 points behind the girls on the TTRS battle.

Keep up the good work and we will see who our champions are tomorrow.

Mrs Brett

Sunday 22nd March - Good morning Year 5. Everyone should have received an email from me this morning with some ideas for home learning starting tomorrow. Everyone should also have all of their login details for the websites that we use in class. Please make sure that you carry on with your learning. You all have your home learning packs as well which all links in to our topic. Keep safe and keep well. Make sure you check your emails daily. From Mrs Brett.

February 2020

I hope you have had a lovely half term break. Our new topic is Beast Creator. On our year 5 curriculum page you will find details on what we are doing this half term plus all the dates you need for your diary up until Easter.

Thursday 5th March

Today we have been learning the story A Winters Child by working together to create story maps and using actions using Talk for Writing. Great team work!

Wednesday 4th March
Have a look at our amazing art and literacy work inspired by the book 'A Winter's Child'. We used brusho to create our winter background, painted our winter tree and then used glitter to create the icicles.

Tuesday 3rd March

Today we read the story 'A Winter's Child' to start off our Literacy week and had great fun making dens in teams.

We picked up lots of cardboard to make it look like a real den - Rahima.

At first we didn't get along but at the end we made a beautiful den - Maja P.

It was hard but we made it! Diya

It was really fun to make - Asli

We tried our best and helped each other. Andreea

We then used a picture from the story as a stimulus for our own winter pictures.

Wednesday 26th February

What a great way to start our new topic of beast creator - a trip to Abington park to go on a minibeast hunt and of course we could not resist a bit of play time in the mud once we finished! Have a look at our great afternoon of fun collecting insects, arachnids and myriapods.

We were very muddy and it was very fun because we were trying to find insects. - Pola.

We searched for minibeasts. When me and Anisa found a minibeast I put it in a container and she started to run away from it because she was scared! - Melina.

It was so fun and I loved how everyone got stuck in the mud! - Saada

Welcome back to 2020. This half term our topic is Stargazers.

Every Wednesday is PE.

Every Friday is swimming.

Journey through space – the final frontier! Let’s take a trip to the stars, planets and suns and discover the amazing wonders of the night sky. During this half term, we’ll read information texts to find out about the Solar System and the Sun, using mnemonics to help us remember the facts. We’ll make a Solar System and investigate the cycle of day into night. We’ll learn about Galileo, the ‘father’ of modern astronomy and his famous astronomical discoveries. Taking on the roles of the planets, we’ll use movement to demonstrate the motions of the planets and moons. We’ll investigate lunar myths and write astronaut poetry. Then we’ll make a space shuttle or satellite, testing the materials for durability, and we’ll program toys to explore a lunar landscape. At the end of the project, we’ll look at alien-themed comics, invent our own aliens and consider the big question: why is there life on Earth? Finally, we’ll invite you to our ‘Visitors’ centre’ and share our knowledge with you.

Wednesday 29th January

This afternoon we have had another great science afternoon looking at which materials slow down the rate of water cooling down. We first had to make our predictions with reasoning and then over 20 minutes we had to record our findings. Have a look at our pictures of great team work this afternoon.

We have also started a new unit in maths looking at division. Today we were working out how to divide a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number using the pictorial approach.

Tuesday 28th January

This afternoon we have been learning about the planets. We had fact cards about each planet and had to guess which fruit represented each planet.

Monday 27th January

This week we will be learning all about the stars and what better way to start a week - the challenge of making an origami star!

Thursday 23rd January

We have had a great science afternoon looking at Gravity. We made predictions about whether heavier or lighter objects made the biggest craters and then tested our predictions by dropping items from a large height into a tray of sand and measuring the crater. We then took this further by then measuring the objects to see how heavy they were and compared this to crater size. Have a look at the wonderful photos of our science afternoon.

We have had a busy start to the term. Our book for this topic is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We have started on the topic of multiplication and Division and this week we have been using lots of resources to help us understand the place value when multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers . In art we have been looking at Abstract art and using the artist Peter Thorpe as an inspiration for our own work.

Tuesday 3rd December - We had great fun learning Curling. Have a look at the amazing time we had.

Tuesday 12th November pure concentration starting our maths topic of perimeter

Friday 8th November

We have had a very busy start to this half term decorating the classroom and turning it into a frozen kingdom. We have started by looking at the Northern Lights. We have researched what the Northern Lights are, why they appear, what causes the Northern lights and in what countries you can see them. Click on this link to have a look at our amazing art work.

In numeracy we have been looking at and investigating cube numbers, multiplying and dividing by 100 and 1000.

Thursday 11th October

This afternoon we have put all our knowledge about the heart into making sculptures. A very busy afternoon.

Friday 4th October

Times Tabes Rockstars - Battle of the Bands has begun for one week. Who will win? Will it be the parents or will it be year 5? Let the battle begin!!

Monday 23rd September

We have started this week by looking at the heart in detail and using our sketching, shading and blending to draw a detailed picture of the heart. Have a look at our amazing art work.

All parents are invited to come into class on Wednesday 18th September from 2pm to see how we use TimesTablesRockStars and Sumdog in class. Why not come along, learn how to use the website and even come along to compete with your child!

Wednesday 11th September

We have had an amazing afternoon today where we were lucky enough for Mr Brash to come in and dissect some hearts with us. We had to very carefully make a cut on the largest side of the heart and once we had cut through enough we opened up the heart and could see all the blood vessels inside. We even managed to put our finger through the Aorta! After the heart experience we were given a 100 number square where our challenge was to piece it back together. But the trick was the numbers were in a different language!

Thursday 5th September

Our first topic in numeracy is all about place value. To start with we have been exploring place value using counters and then relating this into drawing. We then explored the patterns that we could find if we subtracted 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000 and how certain digits stay the same but some also decrease.

This was then followed by looking at the main organs of the human body and taking our lesson outside to see if we could place the organs in the correct position of the body. Some organs were very tricky!

Wednesday 4th September

A great start back after a lovely summer looking at the artist Kandinsky. We used his idea of circles and created our own Kandinsky heart art.

This was then followed by our Wow experience of looking at what blood actually is. We learnt the key vocabulary and then made our own blood.

For more information and key dates for this half term, please click on the links on the curriculum page for year 5.

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