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Week beginning  2nd September

it was a pleasure to welcome the children back after a long break. It was lovely to see their smiling faces and their enthusiasm to crack on with the work ahead.

From next week  the children will be taking over the blog and sharing their learning for the week.

Just to let you know that PE lessons will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Marlow


Week beginning 9 th September

First we did a roman research page with lots of pictures of what they ate. Next we did our being an archeologist and we did lots of nice facts. Then we labeled and colored a roman solider we had lots of facts.

 After that we did a roman treasure hunt and we found a lot of things we needed to find like a helmet and sword. Then we decorated a roman shield with bright colours. Then we  did a roman story map of in a day in a life of a roman solider and we drew loads of pictures that tell what they do and what time they did it. Then we practicing marching like a roman solider and Mrs.Marlow told us what leg we needed to step on.

 Next we wrote how to make a jam sandwich and we wrote some steps to make the sandwich. After that we did pictures for the writing about the jam sandwich writing. Then we did how to make instructions and we had to write in present tense and we needed to use topic words.

In numeracy we have been all 'Roman' too! We have been learning Roman Numerals and doing calculations with them. It was great fun making the numbers out of lolly sticks!

In  music we have been learning  Roman marching songs, the children are getting brilliant at keeping up the rhythm of singing and marching at the same time . And tomorrow (Thursday) we have a visit from Northampton Museum who will be sharing some of their Roman artifacts with us.

13th - 19th September

We have been working hard again this week. In numeracy, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. we have been using dice games and pictures to generate conversations about numbers, the children are really growing in confidence. Even when they have found some of the questions tricky, they have persevered- well done!

In topic, we have been finding out more about Roman Soldiers, going out into the garden to find facts hidden amongst the trees. They have also been using the ipads to research the topic further. In art we have started to design our own Roman coins. our sketches will be transformed into 3D coins, ready to spray paint and hopefully look really authentic!

In PE we have had fun at the astoturf improving our hockey techniques and improving our team building skills with rounders and dodgeball. 

Just to remind that Year 4 need PE kits on Tuesday and Wednesday (Gardeners just on Wednesday)

Also three pounds is also needed for our visit from Northampton museum, who are bringing in some artefacts for the children to learn about.

6th to 12th September

It has been a brilliant week with Year 4. They have worked so hard, thrown themselves into their new topic on the Romans. They have completed fantastic title pages and started to research the daily life of a Roman soldier. On the 27 th September we will be visited by Northampton Museum who will be bringing in Roman artefacts and doing a workshop with the class. (there is a small change of three pounds for this) In maths we have been learning about place value, we have played lots of numeracy games as well as showing great reasoning through the work in their books. In PE we have been practicing our tennis skills and on a Wednesday afternoon the children get to work with a sports coach. From next week (WB 17 th September) year 4 will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Geography the children have been learning about Italy, and in French they have been designing a passport for themselves. In Art, we will start designing our own Roman coins and then make them out of clay – and hopefully turn them gold!

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