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Week beginning 24th February

It was lovely to welcome the children back this week and introduce our new topic 'Flow'. We will be investigating all things associated with rivers. You can find more information about this on our 'Curriculum Page'.

In maths this week we completed our work on area and the children have been measuring and comparing the area of shapes.

In topic we have been writing poems, we have been using personification to write a shared poem about a Rainbow, and the children have been writing their own poems about a natural geographical feature they will write up next week.

In ICT we have started researching a famous river and we will be using our ICT skills to turn this information into an informative powerpoint..

Remember next week is the literary festival, there is mufti day on Thursday, children can wear their winter woolies. School is also open at 2.30 for parents to come in and share stories with the children. Also, school will reopen at 6pm for bedtime stories.

Dont forget tomorrow, Monday 2nd March, is our class open afternoon. So please come down to class at 2.45 and share in all the children's learning.

Another date for your diary is Monday 16th March where there will be a workshop on the up and coming multiplication assessments for year 4 that are coming up in June.

week beginning 10th February

We finished our write up of Superhero descriptions, the children wrote 3 paragraphs and included lots of adjectives,adverbial sentence starters  and similes. They also began to plan and draft a superhero adventure about  a superhero of their own . They really have been showing great imaginations.

In maths  we have been multiplying tens and hundreds by 1 digit numbers, the children have been trying to set out their calculations neatly and accurately.

We are still finishing our dalmatian sock puppets and painting our clay dalmatian puppies.We have also started work on a superhero skyline collage. These look so very impressive so far!

Swimming lessons are continuing to go well, with all children making good progress. We will continue with swimming lessons after the half term and right up until the Easter holidays. 

Week beginning 27th January

This week we have turned our attention to Superheroes!

The children have really concentrated on writing a description of their favourite life They have spent a lot of time, selecting their vocabulary and working on their fronted adverbials  . to bring their writing  to life!

In maths we have been concentrating on the big timetables -  the 11's and 12's! The children have enjoyed finding patterns and ways to remember the answers off by heart!

In art we have made dalmatian puppies out of clay. The sculptures are really good and we have put our first coat of white paint on them. When they are dry, we will add the spots!

In music, we have been listening to 'hero' inspired by music, identifying the genres and putting the songs into chronological order.  

Week beginning 20th January

We have had great fun working out and creating our own riddles. The children had to track down clues around the playground and then work out the meaning.The children showed great tenacity and imagination creating their own riddles. We really enjoyed working out each others riddles- some of them were very tricky!

In maths, we continue our work on timetables. Focusing on the 8 timetables, we have been using  practical equipment outside learning and real life problem solving to learn our number facts.

In design and technology, we have started  to make our Dalmatian sock puppets. We have some talented designers in our class and our puppets are beginning to look very effective.

In ICT the children have been logging onto google docs, cutting and pasting text and images from the internet. They were researching information about a hero from history.

Week beginning 13th January 

We have continued our work on Cruella de Vil and the children have produced brilliant biographies of this villain, with lots of detail and literary devices.

In maths we have been focusing on the 9 times table and the children have been using lots of practical equipment to explain their findings.

The children have also been comparing two versions of a song about Cruella de  Vil, they also had the opportunity to compose their own version of the song. This was very noisy, a lot of fun and some fantastic pieces of music!

We have also began to design our title page for our topics, the children generated lots of words and images that could be used.

The children also had a fantastic swimming lesson, they are making good progress and beginning to move up ability groups. Well done!

Week beginning 6th January 2020

Happy New Year!

It was lovely to welcome back the children and get started on our new topic 'Heroes and Villains'!

This week we have been finding out all about the famous villain Cruella de Vil, enjoying a wow afternoon with year 3. Together they created art work/actions/dressing up related to a song about our eponymous villain. This formed part of our research on Cruella so we are ready to write a biography on her next week.

In art the children did some brilliant sketches of dalmatian dogs

In maths we continued our work on multiplication, working out lots of questions and puzzles refering to the 6 times tables both inside and outside the classroom.

Swimming has begun again, and the children were soon back in  the water making continued brilliant progress!

Week beginning 2nd and 9th December

We have been very busy on our christmas play, doing lots of rehearsals to get it ready  for our parents and carers. It was exhausting for us and the teachers to 'put this show on the road" and every morning we have been working so hard ~Our music teacher taught us a special dance for one of our songs, her name is miss styles, it really improved our performance. Everyone tried really hard during the shows, especially because there were a lot of children poorly and we all had do play different parts.

We also had a super opportunity this week as on Tuesday 10th December, we got to go to the Royal and Derngate theatre to watch 'Pippi Longstocking'. It was a fantastic performance. Lots of brilliant songs and we were really impressed how the actors  played all the instruments and played ;ots of different parts.

We also made bath bombs for our Christmas Fair- we sold them all!

Week beginning 25th November 2019

It has been a busy week in topic. The children have completed their newspaper reports and are now working on a poem written in the style of a witches spell. They have been inspired by 2 poets including William Shakespeare.

The catalogue for witches and wizards is now complete and looks fantastic displayed in the classroom- the children have worked hard to create an informative, colourful and fun catalogue!

We have continued with our science topic- testing the viscosity of every-day products. Its quite safe to say we made a lot of mess on the classroom tables!

in maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.The children have worked really hard on their reasoning and problem solving skills.

The children also have brought home the songs and script for the Christmas play. We  would really appreciate your support in helping the children with this.

Week beginning !8th November 2019

In history we have found out about the discovery of  chloroform  and its important role in the discovery of a successful anesthetic. The children have been using this information to write a newspaper report about the discovery. 

In science we have investigated the three states of matter through balloons. This included throwing ice and water-filled balloons around the playground and exploring what happens to the content. 

In art and design we have started to design a catalogue for witches and wizards. The children all made a origami witches hat to feature in the catalogue and are writing the description to go along with their hat.

In french we have been learning the name of animals/pets in french. the children were all repeating the french words with confidence and match them to the correct word. Tres Bien!

Week beginning 11/11/19

This week we used the information on our witch warning poster to write a letter to a friend telling them about the threat of witches living in their area.

Everyone really used their imagination and included lots of useful information in their letters and they were a pleasure to read.

In science we were finding out about the 3 states of matter. The children were very successful in sorting items into the correct category: solids, liquids or gases.

In art we have been designing potion bottles to keep our imaginary potions in. The children used charcoal and pastels to bring their creations to life.

Swimming was a lot of fun (and a lot of work!) as we were now in our groups and cracked on with our lessons!

Week beginning 4th November

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the half term break.

We have started our new topic called 'potions' and the children were very excited to make their own potions which look brilliant displayed in the classroom.

Our class reading book is 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl, the children have been using the information to help them design a poster on how to spot a witch.

In maths we have used formal methods to complete subtraction questions and problem solving activities.

On Friday, we started our swimming lessons, the children did a brilliant job, have been sorted into  their groups and ready to get going on their lessons next week.

Remember it is our parental involvement on Monday 18th November 2019, it is about supporting your child in reading. Come along at 2.15pm and have the opportunity to pick up some tips and talk to the class teacher,

Week beginning 21st October

It was a busy finish to the half term. completing our work on negative numbers and consolidating our knowledge of column addition.

In topic we finished writing our soliloquys and started thinking about the up and coming elections for school council representative. 

We are now all ready to begin our new topic after the half term holidays. 

Remember, swimming starts on the first Friday back!

Week beginning 14th October

In maths we have been working with negative numbers, we have been out on the playground drawing numberlines and learning to count up and down including through zero. Everyone worked really hard and completed so many questions!

In literacy we have started to plan a soliloquy from the point of view of a member of a celtic tribe. We have been gathering our vocabulary ready to write and present our speeches.   

In PSHE we have almost completed our 'worry bags' we have really improved our sewing skills and they are looking fantastic.

In art we are designing Roman shields using traditional roman designs with our own personal twist!

Thankyou to all the parents who attended parents evening and I look forward to catching up with the rest of you this week.

Remember we break up for a one week half term holiday

Week beginning 7th October 

In maths we are still learning about place value. We have been counting in 25's amd answering lots of tricky word problems using our counting on and counting back skills. In 'maths of the day' we checked we could still count in 100's by playing a team game which had us running up and down the hall finding numbers with a difference of 1000.

In topic, we have been writing up the final draft of our Roman diary, completing our battle scene and bringing our diary to a close. Our neat copies are looking super smart.

In art we have been completing our mosaic pots and spraying our Roman coins, we have also started designing our own Roman shields.

In PE we have been playing football and dodgeball, the children really showed their skills with their hands and feet.

You will also have received a letter about swimming which starts after the half term and dont forget its parents evening on Tuesday 15th October

Week beginning 30th September

It was a busy week as we were not only writing a diary entry from the point of view of a roman soldier and also preparing for the harvest festival.

We were to perform two poems about the harvest moon, one of the poems was by Ted Hughes and had lots of tricky words. We also did some brilliant artwork to accompany  the poems, the  pictures we painted were lovely and really helped everyone understand what the poems was all about.. We all learnt our lines and after lots of rehearsing we were ready for our performance.

It was a very exciting Harvest Festival, there were lots and lots of parents and we did our performance really well, we spoke our lines very loudly and clearly. We also made a huge Harvest festival hamper, there were so many donations, we hope it made lots of money for charity.

Week beginning 23rd September

On Friday we sprayed our fantastic coins and we started some roman mosaic

We made some Roman bread and had it for snack .

In topic we wrote a neat copy of instructions on lighting a campfire

.in maths we was counting in 1000s add doing maths of the day outside.

We have started monitoring in lunchtimes and different people do it everyday, they help with setting up the hall and helping the little children with their lunch.

Week beginning 16th September 

We had an exciting visitor this week - a curator from the Northampton museum to share Roman artifacts to help us with our learning.

We looked at lots of different objects and had to decide what type of Roman family might have these objects. We even got to try on Roman clothes and hold the huge soldier's shield. 

In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest  10,100 and even 1000's! We are also playing the online maths game prodigy which is fun and we can also play on at home.

In PE it was very sunny we got to play rounders and picked blackberries to take back to school. I

Our art lesson was very messy, we designed then made our own Roman coins from clay, these will be ready to spray paint next week. We can choose from , bronze, silver or gold!


Week beginning 9 th September

First we did a roman research page with lots of pictures of what they ate. Next we did our being an archeologist and we did lots of nice facts. Then we labeled and colored a roman solider we had lots of facts.

 After that we did a roman treasure hunt and we found a lot of things we needed to find like a helmet and sword. Then we decorated a roman shield with bright colours. Then we  did a roman story map of in a day in a life of a roman solider and we drew loads of pictures that tell what they do and what time they did it. Then we practicing marching like a roman solider and Mrs.Marlow told us what leg we needed to step on.

 Next we wrote how to make a jam sandwich and we wrote some steps to make the sandwich. After that we did pictures for the writing about the jam sandwich writing. Then we did how to make instructions and we had to write in present tense and we needed to use topic words.

Week beginning 2nd September

it was a pleasure to welcome the children back after a long break. It was lovely to see their smiling faces and their enthusiasm to crack on with the work ahead.

From next week the children will be taking over the blog and sharing their learning for the week.

Just to let you know that PE lessons will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Marlow

In numeracy we have been all 'Roman' too! We have been learning Roman Numerals and doing calculations with them. It was great fun making the numbers out of lolly sticks!

In  music we have been learning  Roman marching songs, the children are getting brilliant at keeping up the rhythm of singing and marching at the same time . And tomorrow (Thursday) we have a visit from Northampton Museum who will be sharing some of their Roman artifacts with us.

13th - 19th September

We have been working hard again this week. In numeracy, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. we have been using dice games and pictures to generate conversations about numbers, the children are really growing in confidence. Even when they have found some of the questions tricky, they have persevered- well done!

In topic, we have been finding out more about Roman Soldiers, going out into the garden to find facts hidden amongst the trees. They have also been using the ipads to research the topic further. In art we have started to design our own Roman coins. our sketches will be transformed into 3D coins, ready to spray paint and hopefully look really authentic!

In PE we have had fun at the astoturf improving our hockey techniques and improving our team building skills with rounders and dodgeball. 

Just to remind that Year 4 need PE kits on Tuesday and Wednesday (Gardeners just on Wednesday)

Also three pounds is also needed for our visit from Northampton museum, who are bringing in some artefacts for the children to learn about.

6th to 12th September

It has been a brilliant week with Year 4. They have worked so hard, thrown themselves into their new topic on the Romans. They have completed fantastic title pages and started to research the daily life of a Roman soldier. On the 27 th September we will be visited by Northampton Museum who will be bringing in Roman artefacts and doing a workshop with the class. (there is a small change of three pounds for this) In maths we have been learning about place value, we have played lots of numeracy games as well as showing great reasoning through the work in their books. In PE we have been practicing our tennis skills and on a Wednesday afternoon the children get to work with a sports coach. From next week (WB 17 th September) year 4 will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Geography the children have been learning about Italy, and in French they have been designing a passport for themselves. In Art, we will start designing our own Roman coins and then make them out of clay – and hopefully turn them gold!

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