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Work Ideas

There are some useful resources available for you to work on each day. Just click on the link below and complete the Year 3 work. You don't have to complete all of it but there are some useful daily literacy tasks.


As so many of you have enjoyed creative writing using the pictures from Pobble365 this year here is a beautiful one. I have uploaded the work as a pdf file below or you can go directly to the Pobble365 website using the link under the picture.

Image result for pobble 365

I would love to see the work you produce.

Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. For those of you looking to challenge yourselves, what about some adverbial sentence starters and lists of three adjectives in your descriptions.


Don't forget to make sure you get your daily news from Newsround as always.

Join in with other children across the nation and make a rainbow - more details on the Newsround page.


I know how much you love singing and so does Gareth Malone. He has set up an online choir. Find out more here .

BBC Bitesize

You can access a variety of learning opportunities on BBC Bitesize. Over the coming weeks I will be using these links to enhance your learning at home. You can start having a look at this now to get ahead.


Can you investigate what are the similarities and differences between plants that live on land and plants that live in water (aquatic plants).

Can you draw a scientific diagram of a plant?

Some areas you could investigate are -

Why don't aquatic plants drown?

How do aquatic plants get their nutrients?

Are the leaves of aquatic plants different to plants that live in the soil?

Are the roots of aquatic plants different to plants that live in soil?

Are all aquatic plants made the same?

Try this link to get some more information to support your investigation.

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