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3GP Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum

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13.07.20 This week the theme is INVESTIGATION

Story Starter

resource image

It had been three days since it had gone missing. One minute he had held it in his hand, the next it had vanished. How could it just have disappeared? It had been right in front of his eyes!  He had been warned about what would happen if he lost it. His mission had been to guard the key with his life, ever since they visited him last summer.  Adam had always had a detective’s instinct. They had told him as much. He had been chosen because he had certain skills, and he would need them more than ever now.  Only one clue had seemingly been left, which was sat on the living room table.  Holding the magnifying glass up to his eye, Adam began to investigate…

Question time!

Have you ever lost something important?

How did it feel when you couldn’t find it?

What’s the best thing to do if you lose something? What about if it doesn’t belong to you?

What do you think the missing object in the story is?

Who are the mysterious visitors and what do they want with Adam?

What do you think will happen to him if he doesn’t find the item?


06.07.20 This week the theme is MATERIALS

Story Starter

resource image

As soon as their delivery of building materials had arrived, the team set off to work. It looked like the clouds in the distance were beginning to spit rain down at the sleeping countryside, so they knew they must work quickly and effectively. The team were confident however: this was not their first giant Lego structure…

Can you continue the story?

Alternatively, could you write a set of instructions on how to build a Lego structure?  You could then make it following your instructions and send me a picture of the instructions and your creation.

Sentence challenge!

Can you make these sentences more exciting by adding adjectives into them?

Jake passed a __________ brick to his __________ brother, who took it carefully in his ____________hands. Sam looked around at the ________________countryside around him. It was a good place to build a ______________house, he decided. It would have __________windows, a ___________front door and a ____________roof.

Sam looked up at the ____________ sky. He saw a _______________ cloud directly above him. A ______________ raindrop landed on his ____________ jumper.

Materials Matter

Use a safe web browser to find out how the world’s tallest buildings are built. What materials did they use for the different parts, such as windows, walls and the foundations. Why? Make a model or sketch to present your findings. Send me a picture!


Does it dissolve?

Fill glasses with the same amount of water and stir in one teaspoon of a substance, checking with an adult first. You could try coffee, sugar, salt, flour, oil, chalk, gravy powder and dried herbs. Predict if the substance will dissolve, then find out. Try the experiment again with warm water. Does this make a difference to your results?


Follow the daily maths lessons on BBC Bitesize. There is one each day, just find today's and complete it. If you miss one you can always catch it back up.

Repair Shop

Can you use your skills to mend or upcycle a broken or unwanted item in your house? It might be an item of clothing, household object, ornament, tattered book or toy. Ask an adult first, and don’t forget to take a before and after picture.

29.06.20 This week the theme is NATURE

Story Challenge

resource imageIn the sweltering depths of the misty marsh, it lay there. Waiting.

The eye was as green as the grass in a garden on a summer day, but much more deadly. It was speckled with gold, like the brightest stars shimmering in the sky at night, but much more deadly.

As if in a peaceful slumber, the creature stretched itself out, scales covering its body from snout to tail.

It lay there, waiting…Can you continue the story?

Question time!

To what creature do you think the eye belongs?

Is the creature dangerous?

Where do you think it lives?

What might it be looking at?

What do you think it eats?

In what way is this eye similar to yours? How is it different?

Who do you think might have taken this photograph?


Follow the daily maths lessons on BBC Bitesize. There is one each day, just find today's and complete it. If you miss one you can always catch it back up.


Mini munchers

What minibeasts live in your indoor and outdoor areas? Find and identify a few creatures then research who eats what – or who – in these habitats. Create food chains or webs to show the relationships between them. Add extra facts to your diagram, such as how the predators hunt or catch their prey.

Pressing patterns

Collect a range of petals, flowers, leaves and grasses. Ask an adult to help you use a non-steam iron to iron them flat between
two sheets of greaseproof paper. When cool, peel the paper back to remove the items. Use them to create stunning natural pictures,
experimenting with pattern, shape and form.

Thank the bees

Find out about the different substances that bees produce – honey, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis. How do bees make them? How do humans use them? Make a list of everyday products in your home that contain these substances. Make a fact file using all of the information that you have found.

22.06.20 This week the theme is PLACE

Story Challenge

resource imageSix months earlier, Ben had lived in the city. Life had been busy; a constant buzz of people and traffic. In some ways, living in the city had been comforting, as if he was part of an urban family, a melting pot of people of all ages and all walks of life. However, Ben had tired of that life; it was now time for a change of direction.

Standing on his porch, Ben drew breath. As the clean, cool air filled his lungs, a smile spread across his face…

Can you continue the story?

Sentence Challenge

Look at each of the simple sentences below. Can you add a subordinate clause to extend them? 

Remember, you’ll need to use a conjunction like ‘and’ or ‘so’ or ‘but’.

  • A small wave rippled across the tranquil water.
  • It had been raining all morning.
  • Ben enjoyed living here.
  • He had grown tired of living in the busy city.


Follow the daily maths lessons on BBC Bitesize. There is one each day, just find today's and complete it. If you miss one you can always catch it back up.

Discover Islands

Use online maps to find out about one of the world’s most remote islands. Create a map of the island, showing the main geographical features. Add extra information around your map about biodiversity, human habitation, climate and any environmental threats that it faces. If you were stranded there, how might you survive?

Write a Report

Can you find out where coffee is grown in the world? How it is processed and turned from beans into coffee? Which countries drink the most coffee? Which countries drink the least? Which companies use fair trade practices? Use your information to write a coffee report.

Where is your favourite place?

Remember a place that is special to you. Maybe it’s a grandparent’s home, a play park or holiday destination. Close your eyes to imagine it. Then, using paints or coloured pens and crayons, create a detailed picture of your special place from memory.

Make a Place for a Fairy to Live - Instructions are in the pdf document at the bottom of the page

* NEW * Milk Carton Fairy Houses

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