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3GP Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum

Remember there are more ideas and work to complete on the 3GP work page.  

Timetable for Home Learning commencing 30.03.20

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks
9.30am - Super Sentence Stacking -
9.30am - Super Sentence Stacking - Session 1 The Blue Umbrella

10.30 - BREAK
11.00am - TT Rockstars
11.30am - Read Theory


13.00 Maths - White Rose daily lesson
14.00 Art - Draw the Umbrella from your sentence stacking lesson.
14.30 - Design a bug hotel: What resources would you need? See Bug House pdf below.

All links are below for apps and websites.

The Blue Umbrella

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Timetable for Home Learning commencing 23rd March 2020

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks Go to his Youtube channel and join in every day.

9.30am - TT Rockstars Logo

10.00am - Read Theory Readtheory

10.30am - BREAK (ideally children should spend some time outdoors if possible ensuring Government social distancing guidelines are followed)

10.45am - Read a book, newspaper or magazine.

11.00am - Maths: White Rose Daily Lesson White Rose Maths

11.30am - Writing - Why are rivers important?

Research a river of your choice and identify why it is important for people and animals.

12.00am LUNCH

13.00pm - Spelling Shed Image result for spelling shed image

13.30pm - Read a book, newspaper or magazine.

13.45pm - Art: Draw a picture of a river creature or river plant.

14.15pm - Sumdog

14.45pm - Research how the Grand Union Canal or Nene impacted the history of Northampton.

How has it been used to transport people and goods around the country? Can you identify some of the wildlife that lives locally around the rivers and waterways?

Topics this year will be -

Autumn 1   I am Warrior

Autumn 2   Potions

Spring 1     Heroes and Villains

Spring 2     Flow

Summer 1  Playlist

Summer 2  Blue Abyss

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