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September 12th

Hello!  What an exciting week we have had to start the year.  

There are lots of new things to do in year 2 - now we are the oldest children in KS1 we have lots more responsibility - we are starting to remember many of these things now!

On our second day we went to Abington Park.  Our topic is called 'The Enchanted Woodland' so we went to collect things you may find in the woods.  We've done leaf hunts and found the names of different leaves, made some collage leaves and flowers and we've been text mapping the story of Little Red Riding Hood and doing some good sentences about how she felt in the woods.  We even met her to ask her some questions!

Snack time is a bit different this year - we have snack and Book club where we talk about books and share a drink and some food - it's a lovely time of day.

Tomorrow we are going on our first visit to Overstone Scout Ground where we will explore the really big forest - watch this space to see how we get on! 

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