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2nd July 2020

Good morning Year One!

Those children in school this week have been learning all about 'Nature', they have enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts and sketching them, as well as identifying their body parts and functions.

They have also been looking at 2D & 3D shapes, naming them and listing their properties.

We had fun outside making symmetrical, natural artwork and also made nature crowns- which needed to be symmetrical too!

For those of you at home, I have uploaded work under 'Nature' below for you to download, or pop into school between 9:30am-3:30am to pick up a work pack.

I look forward to seeing your work and remember you can also email me at to show me what you have been doing.

Take care

Miss Collyer :)

Well done to all those children who have been in school this we, we have had lots of fun learning about Australia and sculpted lots of amazing clay animals!

Also well done to Mohamed Khalif who has been working VERY hard at home each week and continued to bring the work into school and reading his books.

This week we are learning all about Place, please see the attached 'Place' document below for learning to do at home.

Take care and I hope to see some more of you soon.

Miss Collyer :)

19th June 2020


9th June 2020

Good Morning Year One!

This week our topic theme is 'Change', have a think about how you have changed since you were a baby and how you may change when you are an adult.

Please see the documents attached blow under ' Change' for work to do from home.

As always email me if you have any questions.

Miss Collyer :)


Good morning year One 1!

It has been lovely to see so many children back in class and so excited to be back in school. This week we have been looking at 'significance', we have discussed people and places that are significant to us.

If you at home I have attached at the bottom some activities that are similar to those we are doing in school folder name- 'significant home learning ideas', please have a go and email me any photographs of the work you have been doing...

This week all of year 1 who are in school are in the Achievement Assembly for so resilient and working hard this week- well done! :)


Good morning Year One 1

Looking forward to seeing lots of you back in school next Monday! In the meantime, keep doing some of the activities in your week 4 packs, reading and using any of the websites I have shared with you over the last few weeks.

I am in school this Wednesday and Thursday, so if you would like to come and change your reading books please come between 9-3.

Take care and see you soon :)

Miss Collyer x

11th May 2020

Good morning year one!

The start of yet another week, I hope you all had good weekends. Good news yesterday that we hopefully will be returning to school on 1st June :)

Please continue to complete the lessons on BBC Bitesize and The National Academy, click on these links below...

Alternatively, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page there is work called 'year 1 work pack 4' which if you have access to a printer home you can print at home.

I will be in school on Wednesday and Thursday again this week so if you would like to come and change your reading books or pick up some paper copies of work, please come between 9:30am- 3pm.

Take care and hopefully see you all again in a few weeks!!

Miss Collyer :) x

4th May 2020

Good Morning Year One!

I hope you are all well and keeping let me know what you have been up to, I like receiving photos showing me the activities you have been doing :)

I will be in school Tuesday and Wednesday this week 9-3, if you would like your reading book changed, please call in to school between these times and I shall change for you.

Keep well and miss you all.

Miss Collyer :)


Oh wow Year One, what a rainy day!

Here are a few rainy day activities and why we should do them :)

Play in the puddles. Where and how can you make the biggest splash outside? Make your own puddle, can you do a better job than nature? Bring out the shower gel, jump in the puddles to make scented bubbles.

Shelter from the rain. Where can you find shelter from rain? Look for places outside. Is it drier or wetter under a bush or a tree than in the open? What is the driest walk you can take on a wet day? Build a waterproof den only using natural materials, no waterproof sheets allowed!

Bring out the tarps, ground sheets or shower curtains. Tarps and wet weather go together like bread and cheese. Transparent tarp will allow you to observe the movement of water in different ways. Other tarps can be used to make splash pools and wet alternatives to parachute games.

Raindrop Races. Follow a raindrop down a window. What happens to it? Have a raindrop race with a friend. Pick a raindrop at the top of the window and see which one makes it to the bottom first.  How many raindrops can you catch on your tongue? How many can we catch all together and how can we find this out? Pretend cry, look at the raindrops trickling down your cheek and make a sad face.

Channel the flow of water, make a water wallGuttering and pipes are great, attach to fencing or trellis and use rain water collections to create water walls, channelling water horizontally as well as vertically. Take photographs to help children explain their designs to others.

Rain Dancers. Dress up in waterproofs, add an umbrella and get those rain dance routines perfected. Remember puddles make great wet stages for a good rain stomp. Try and tap dance in time to the rhythm of the raindrops.

Rainy dance blog

The Sound of Rain, Experiment with the variety of sounds that rain can make by putting different types of bowls on top of your head and listen to the raindrops land. Which bowls make the loudest and softest sound? Compare to the sound of a rainstick? Does all rain sound the same?

Make a mark with chunky chalkFootpaths, driveways or other hard standing areas could become a canvas for budding artists. Wet chalk has a thicker consistency than dry chalk and is almost paint-like. As the rain splashes onto the cement, the colours mix beautifully, plus clean-up is taken care of. If the area is sloped, you get the added fun of watching a rainbow of colours flow off downhill.

Things to Remember:

  • The outdoor environment offers space, this is particularly important to children who learn best through active movement, i.e. most young children!
  • Learning outside the classroom supports the development of a healthy and active lifestyle, by offering opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and a sense of well-being.
  • Learning outside the classroom gives children contact with the natural world, and offers them experiences which are unique to outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons.
  • So, no ifs and buts, get waterproofed, wellied and wet, but most of all, enjoy!

Rainy Day Solutions for Chicago Families - Chicago Parent Miss Collyer :)


Good Morning Year One, I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend with some fresh air.

Please continue to look at lessons on ...

there are also some you may like on...

These lessons cover similar things to which we do in school and build on prior learning so you may enjoy.

Also continue to read some books and if you would like some new reading books from school, I am happy to change these for you, if you come into school on Wednesday.

Additionally, if you would like the number 3 work pack printing these will also be available in school on Wednesday.

keep staying active daily with Joe Wicks...

Feel free to email with any questions or to show me what you have been up to.

Take care and miss you all!

Miss Collyer :)


Good Morning Year One!

Attached below or at the side are activities for this week, under the name 'Year one work pack 3 20.04.2020', there are some interactive and some which you need to print.If you do not have facility to do this, please email me then I can print off and leave at the school reception for you (

Additionally, the Government released an online resource which has a good range of activities on and builds on previous knowledge, just like we do in school. If you would like to use this please click on the link below. Select 'year 1', however those who are new to English it may be a bit tricky, therefore you should use the Reception one.

As ever, if you have any questions, want to show me you work please email me, I'd love to hear from you all!

I hope you are all keeping well.

Miss Collyer :)

14th April 2020

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and you managed to get out in the sunshine.

Well done to those of you who have been completing activity packs and playing on Spelling Shed and Sumdog (remember to email me to get your Sumdog login details!)

I have attached a new link for this week with some reading and writing activities which mirror what we do in class :)

Stay safe,

Miss Collyer :)


Good morning Year One, I hope you're all well and enjoyed being in the sunshine at the weekend.

Well done to lots of you who have emailed me to get your Sumdog logins and who collected their work packs on Friday.

If you have not done these, please feel free to email me ( to get your logins and pick your work packs up from the school reception area this week.

Have a lovely Easter, keep smiling and take care,

Miss Collyer:)



Good Morning,

I have attached this link this morning as they are good little videos to help your child's phonic knowledge.

Everyone now has a login for 'SumDog' which has a range of Maths and Reading activities on, please email me and I shall send you your child's new login details.

I will also be putting printed activity packs together, which will be available from the school reception Friday afternoon . Remember these are ideas to support your child's learning, you do not need to do a certain amount a day, just do what you feel is right for your child.

Any questions, please just ask.


Good Morning Year One,

I hope you are all doing OK and are keeping busy as well as doing some exercise daily. Below I have uploaded some activities including a phonics game you can play with your family.

I would love to see what you have been doing, so feel free to get your parents to email me.

Take care!

Miss Collyer :)


Good morning Year 1, I hope you are all getting on OK and have been doing some the tasks I gave you along with some exercise each day. Well done to those who have been using Spelling Shed and those whose parents have shared some of the work you have been doing.

Today I am sharing a link for some Maths which has some actual teaching material ... - enjoy!

Keep well

Miss Collyer :)

Useful websites/Apps:

During these uncertain times I will be updating this blog regularly with useful information and links....

- Spelling Shed App

- Quick Maths App


- topmarks website

- Twinkl website (there is a free log in for parents/guardians over next few months)

- Letters and Sounds website

-Daily fitness sessions by Joe Wicks (Joe Wicks You Tube channel )

- Useful timetable of your day, these are updated daily -

-To help with maths there is a daily online lesson on-

Any questions about anything please just ask me!

Keep well,

Miss Collyer

Making dens for the tortoise in 'The Loud Winter's Nap' ...

making delicious fruit crumble with custard...


Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable half term. Over the next few weeks Year One shall be learning about the weather in our 'Splendid Skies' topic. Please see the term overview in the curriculum tab, which also has a list of home learning ideas for you to complete with your child.

If you have not already done so please also send your child in with £2 for our weather science morning on 27th February.

Thank you :)


We have been thinking of new endings to a familiar story and acting them out....

'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs'

We worked in groups to weigh out ingredients to create delicious rock cakes...


We learnt about how dinosaurs became extinct and created exploding volcanoes...


Thank you to all the parents and sisters who attended our reading workshop...

We have been using directional language and programming our friends around the playground...

We have been working hard using our sounds to write words...

I love modelling dinosaurs with playdough!


Making fossil biscuits and learning about Mary Anning...

we LOVE dinosaurs! :)


This week we have been...

Retelling the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs...

Sequencing & adding  numbers....

Making dinosaur fossil biscuits.......


Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

This term we shall be learning all about Dinosaurs , please see the curriculum tab for all the up to date homework ideas and termly overview, I shall also send paper copies home, so please check bookbags!

This blog will be updated regularly with photographs of what your children have been up to, so please check frequently. :)  


Making hedgehog houses and learning number bonds to 10...


Our Autumn Hunt in Abington Park...


Working hard, writing about our trip to Salcey Forest...

Having fun in dance today, moving to the music!

Year One thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Salcey Forest - 11th September 2019 

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