KS1 Reading Scheme and Approach

KS1 – reading schemes

To encourage a love of reading in our youngest children (Key Stage 1) we use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme – the UK’s number one reading programme.

This popular and successful programme uses synthetic phonics to enable the children to develop their reading skills.

Our approach to reading and the appreciation of literature

  • Children are taught to read using a range of strategies
  • Children are given opportunities to read alone, with an adult, in groups and with a child from another age group
  • Shared Reading – Children all read from the same text in chorus or individually turn taking with others following
  • Guided Reading – Sharing a text in a smaller group, discussing their comprehension of the text layout, referring to the text to answer questions and justify opinions
  • Individual Reading – Children are heard read on an individual basis in KS1 and in KS2
  • Independent Reading – Children are given the opportunity to read independently wherever possible
  • Reading for pleasure – children are given the opportunity to read a variety of materials which reflect their particular interests e.g. magazines, individual genres, specific authors, books that reflect personal hobbies etc.
  • Adults share their favourite children’s books with children
  • Authors, journalists and poets are invited into school to share their craft