Attendance Policy


The staff and governors of Weedon Bec Primary School regard regular attendance as imperative in the
development of a quality education. We will endeavour to convey this message to parents, carers and children.
The twice-daily requirement to register pupils gives the school the opportunity to receive children formally from
home, and serve as an introduction to the session.

Children are expected to attend school for the full 190 days of the academic year, unless there is a good reason
for absence.
There are two types of absence:
  •  Authorised (Where the school approves pupil absence)
  • Unauthorised (Where the school will not approve absence)

If a child is absent, parents should call or text the school before 9.30 am on the first day of the absence and
either speak to a member of staff or leave a message on the answer machine stating the reason for absence.
The school will then decide whether to authorise the absence.
Absences will be authorised for:
  • Illness
  • Unavoidable medical appointments (routine appointments should be made during school holidays or after school
  • Days of religious observance
  • Exceptional family circumstances such as bereavement/ family illness
  • Music/ dance exams /sports competitions etc.

If contact, explaining the child’s absence, fails to be made by parents or carers, then the school will text home on
the initial day, following this with a letter if contact cannot be made, as appropriate.

At the start of the academic year Reception children are visited in their home setting during the first week of
term and attend either am or pm sessions for the following two to three weeks.

Parents will be supplied with term dates at least once a year and they are also available on the school website:

Completing the Register

The marking of registers is important and incomplete or inaccurate registers are unacceptable for several
reasons. Registers provide the daily record of the attendance of all pupils; they are documents that may be
required in a court of law, for example as evidence in prosecutions for non-attendance at school. For these
reasons registers are required to be marked in ink and not easily erased, and all alterations should be visible and
  • Black diagonal line to denote presence.
  • Blank red circle to denote awaiting confirmation of absence.
  • Red circle with correct symbol recorded inside in black for authorised absence (see codes in front of register).
  • Weekly/termly headings to be completed.
  • Daily and weekly attendance figures to be completed. .
  • Registers to be sent to the reception desk upon completion.
  • Attendance records are updated weekly onto the School’s Information Management System
  • The Attendance / Off site register is kept in the reception area showing pupils leaving school/ returning to school for any reason during the school day to be signed out by the person collecting them.

Celebrating attendance:

  • The school celebrates good attendance with an ‘Awesome Attendance Class of the Week’ award. This is also reported in newsletters

Family Holidays during Term Time

Parents are strongly urged to avoid booking a family holiday during term time. Parents do not have the right
to take their child out of school for such a holiday, but schools have the discretion to grant up to ten days
authorised absence in a school year.
We request that parents seriously consider the impact on their child’s educational progress and attainment
before requesting holiday leave and wherever possible avoid withdrawing their children from school during
term time. When a child is absent for a long period their learning is fragmented and they struggle to fulfil their
potential. Due to the pace of teaching a one or two week holiday results in important gaps in a child’s learning.
When a child returns from holiday they find that the class has moved on and this can impact on their future
attainment and sense of confidence and well being within the class.

If a holiday during term time is unavoidable parents are asked to:

  • Request time off for their child, in writing as soon as possible, stating the special circumstances.
  • Not book travel for term time, until they have sought the school’s permission.
  • Remember that the school might not agree to authorise the time off.
In considering whether or not to authorise leave for a family holiday, the school will consider each case
individually taking into account factors like the reason for the holiday, its timing and the child’s attendance
record. Absence will not be authorised during assessments or examinations.

Special circumstances may be:
  • Service personnel and other employees who are prevented for taking holidays outside term time if the holiday will have minimal disruption to the child’s education.
  • when a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis
  • to fulfil cultural or religious requirements
The school will not take into consideration the availability of cheap holidays or an overlap with the beginning or
end of term

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for longer planned absence. All such cases should be
discussed with the Head teacher, as a child who is absent longer then 10 days after an agreed return date, can
legally be removed from the school roll.


Pupils may arrive from 8.40am and enter school via their designated door. School begins at 8.50 a.m. and all
pupils are expected to be in school for registration at this time. Any child arriving later than 8.50 a.m. should
enter school via the main entrance reporting to the Reception desk. If accompanied, the parent or carer should
give a reason for the lateness, which will be added to the Attendance/Off site register. The child will then be sent
to their classroom.
Children arriving after 8.50am and before 9:30am will be marked in the register as late. Children arriving after
9:30am will be marked in the register as an unauthorised absence unless a child is late due to a medical
appointment or due to mitigating circumstances as agreed by the Head teacher. Pupils who are consistently late
are disrupting not only their own education but also that of others.

Satisfactory/ unsatisfactory attendance

Pupils are expected to achieve 95% or above attendance. Attendance is classed as unsatisfactory at less than
90% (one half day’s absence per week equates to 90% attendance)

The school regularly monitors attendance and late arrivals. Letters are sent out to parents advising them of the
school’s concerns, where persistent lateness / absence gives cause for concern this may be referred to the
Educational Welfare Service.

Absences and Lates are recorded on the child’s annual report to parents.

If parents are worried about their child’s attendance they should talk to their child and their class teacher or

This policy was reviewed by staff and the ratified by the Governors.

Signed………………………………………………. Chair of Curriculum


Signed……………………………………………….. Chair of Governors


History of Policy

History of Attendance Policy:

Date of last review:

Date of previous review:

Updates applied in October 2011
Change in time of register closing from 10:30 to 9:30am based on advice from EWO and DfE
Guidance on The Education (Pupil Registration)(England) Regulations 2006. Changes to reflect
appointment of full time receptionist. Change to school website address.

October 2011

May 2010;

Updates applied in May 2010:
Clearer definition of late arrivals and absence during a morning session. Updating policy to reflect
true practise with regard to updating the School Information Management System. Celebrating good
attendance section added and section on monitoring of lates and poor attendance.